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September 20 2005

(SPOILER) Chuck the Movieguy talks to Serenity talent.

Says Movieguy: "I will be posting interviews all week.
No direct file links please or I will pull the clips."

Oy, tell me someone will mirror this because the network connection to it blows.
Incredible. Even with tools to download and save streams the connection is lost all the time (54% is my "record" so far). Why do people insist on using that Realmedia-%"% or using streams in the first place? What's the benefit of having people download it again and again and cause a ton of traffic, compared to downloading it once? Especially when the server is completely unrealiable $%... just to make them see the ads more often?
No format discussions here, please.
Awwwh thats the first time i've seen Summer talk about the 416 clips. Lovely seeing they had Summer and Sean together rather than just the 'bigger part' Summer.
Those were great! Thanks!

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