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September 20 2005

Phina Oruche joins the cast of "Footballers Wives". The actress who played Olivia in Buffy's fourth season has joined the cast of one of ITV1's biggest primetime shows as 'Liberty', the model girlfriend of Earls Park's new striker! Spoilers for other British shows.

IM SO EXCITED! I love this show so much!

"The beautiful Liberty seems attentive enough but while Tremaine has been in the slammer for GBH, Liberty’s career has soared. She’s even employed a PA (Lucia Giannecchini) to help her with her career. But with Tremaine now back on the scene it looks like he might find his diva girlfriend harder to handle..."

A Buffy connection to my favourite UK show (apart from 'Shameless' of course!) Joan Collins also looks to be joining as well! And with the new series is looking to be the best ever.

I don't quite see the attraction of Footballers Wives. BBC America shows it SO often that I almost think it is over-played. Count me a stupid soap opera fan (which I am not, really -- I HATE American soap operas, which are just so shallow), but I wish they'd bring back EastEnders. I did like it when they showed Manchild, though (Anthony Stewart Head was great).

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