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September 20 2005

Universal presents LA premiere of Serenity. A press release about the premiere this Thursday with some of the "celebrity guests" also attending, including Christina Hendricks. Also, Nector Rose?

Nectar Rose is credited as "Lenore" in Serenity. James Carpinello is Amy Acker's wife husband. Rafael Feldman and Yan Feldman play Fanty and Mingo.

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Who is' Lenore'? Not the , surely?
Me and my friend think that she has to be . There is no credited on IMDB and Nectar herself looks like so that must be her. We both were like "ooookay".

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Indeed, that is Lenore.
Yup, Lenore = is in the screenplay.

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Anusien, I think you mean that James Carpinello is Amy Acker's *HUSBAND*, not wife. ;)

As for the premiere, I'll be there! Just got my tickets today!!!
shadowmagik: That's what I get for typing on autopilot. Yes, I did mean husband, and I fixed it.

Dhoffryn: you want to spoilertag please? We like to play nice with people not lucky enough to have seen it.
I really hope Adam's name missing is an oversight and that he's not missing the BDP.
Please remember to invisi-text spoilers, Dhoffryn. Even character names can be spoilery sometimes . . . As for the premiere, a wonderful little bird hooked me up with a ticket, so I'll be there in my brown jacket and Whedonesque tee finery. :)
The tshirt is a really good thing to wear to go and see Serenity. Lalalala. How many threads can I mention that I saw it tonight. Lalalala. I now return you to your normal service.
Welcome to the club Simon! Jeez, it's about time.
Wow, also very surprised to see Adam's name conspicuously missing..hope that was an oversight. Excited that Amy and Aly are coming out in support of Serenity! I am so excited to be able to attend this! (tweet tweet :)
And I'm there as well!! Picking up my tickets at will call Thursday, just arranged my flight and hotel. I still can't believe I'm going to the after-party! And I still can't believe they won't allow us to bring cameras in! Not griping, mind you...

Adam better be there!!
Hey, and whoever's going to be there...look for the guy in the wheelchair. That'll be me, Micahel O'Connell, writer of The Nice Guy (you DID all check out "Serenity Week" at our site this week, I hope!). Be sure to say hi!
Chris confirmed on the OB that Adam would be attending. For everyone that's getting to attend, I'll be there in spirit! (Wondering why I always find myself on the wrong coast)
so. freakin'. jealous.
Whew. Great news about Adam. I was about to turn in my tickets.

Yeah, right. :) 'Cause I pass up chances to party with Amy Acker EVERY day...

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