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September 20 2005

"Willow" Vs. "Xander" - Round One. Aly's new show had a good start and was watched by more than the double of people who watched Nick's.

Normally I hate posting these rating numbers, but after seeing this, I thought it was worth posting.

Haven't watched Aly's show yet, but sadly I got the impression from what I've been reading that Nick's better written. Hopefully Fox will, unusually stick with it, and things will get better as time goes by.

i was very saddened when i saw the ratings. Not for HIMYM (which did well), but for Kitchen Confidential and Arrested Development. Their ratings absolutely sucked. I LOVE AD and i hope that it at least gets to finish out this season before they cancel it, PLEASE! KC is also not long for this world. People are so stupid
Well, Arrested Development somehow managed to survive through to its third season, so hopefully Kitchen Confidential will manage to stick around, and AD may just get that fourth season. I'm hoping, but I'm extremely skeptical, not only because they're low-rated series, but because they're on Fox. That is never good.

How I Met Your Mother is a decent show, but I cannot stand laugh tracks. So much of the humor (which, yes, was well-written) in that show was wasted by the laugh track. Kitchen Confidential is much better.

Why do people never watch the good shows?!

It's a conundrum that I, as a Joss fan, should be completely accepting of by now. But, gorram it, I hate this.
And sadly Mitch Hurwitz was reduced to berating the academy for voting for a show they refuse to watch. AD is SO good, and so is KC, and the audience isn't stupid the way the networks think we are. So maybe the ratings system is inaccurate, or maybe Fox just isn't promoting the shows correctly or enough?
I sure wish FOX would have premiered Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential mid season so they wouldn't get clobbered by Monday Night Football or lose viewers due to baseball game pre-emptions. They deserve a better timeslot than Monday night! Hopefully fans who enjoyed the shows will spread the word and get more people to watch next Monday. FOX may be encouraged to shuffle the shows to a new day (or stay with them thru football season) if they see consistent gains in the ratings.
I watched KC and AD last night. (Sorry Ally, I missed your show). I thought KC was funny and I liked Bradley Cooper in his roll a lot. I'm still not sure of what to make of Nick though. Hopefully he will get more screen time in future eps.

As far as AD goes, I will agree that it is one of the funniest shows ever, but I don't watch it much. I think it boils down to me not synching with any of the characters. I guess the "funny" isn't enough to keep me coming back.
From the general comments I've seen posted about both shows, I've gotten the definite impression that KC was far better received by those who did watch than HIMYM. So it'll be interesting to watch those numbers over the coming weeks. I suspect the gap will narrow.
I watched both. KC is much better IMO.
I watched KC last night. It had a little bit of that pilot feel to it, but I'm looking forward to seeing more semi-fictional adventures from Bourdain-land.
I watched KC last night. It was okay. Hopefully it will get better as the story progresses and we'll get to see more of Nick. I tried to watch HIMYM during the breaks, but I didn't get to see much and what I did see didn't really impress. I found the laugh tracks distracting. Anyway, mark me in the Xander column, for what its worth.
I watched KC last night, and taped HIMYM. I thought KC rocked. HIMYM wasn't bad, and I think it has potential. But yeah, the laugh track was highly annoying. I don't need to be told when to laugh.
Laugh track was annoying, but I stayed with "mother" over KC (how long was Nick in it anyway ?) I will definately be watching KC next week. That being said I really enjoyed watching Allyson :) and Neil Patrick Harris was good too.Honestly I have not watched a CBS sitcom since I was a kid. Oh and Arrested Development is such an amazing show!!! So many great moments to remember! Gob rocks!!!

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It's ridiculous that rating calculations are done the same way they were done before vcrs and tivo.

I love AD, but I have to admit I think the best way to watch it is on dvds. The leads in Aly's show had no charisma for me; I wouldn't even be tempted to switch from Nick's show.
I haven't watched "...Mother" yet but I LOVED KC. My sister liked it too. Its a good match with AD(I watched my first episode last night) and I'll be tuning in every week to both.
I broke away from football (my Skins weren't on until 9pm anyway) to watch Aly's show...she was absolutely wonderful! She can play the most suggestive part and push the censorship buttons right and left yet at the same time seem like the All-American girl...innocent, almost naive! The plot was shallow, the other characters were pretty good but she was worth watching the show to see!
I watched HIMYM and not KC last night. I agree with the above, the laugh track really put me off. It made it difficult to enjoy the show on my own behalf, I was waiting to see if I should be laughing. It felt like I was watching MASH. But the show itself was OK, although Allyson tried to shine thru the un-inventive script.
"Kitchen" is still on the DVR, but I must say ... "HIMYM" had me laughing quite a bit. Sure, it's just a breezy, unnecessary network comedy, but as far as those go, I thought this one brought the funny. Neal Patrick Harris' comic timing is impeccable. Who would have thunk it?
I think I probably preferred Kitchen Confidential over How I Met Your Mother, it just seemed to be a better show, with several laugh out loud moments (though not as many laughs as HIMYM) and a lot of potential, both shows have potential, I just felt that last night KC was the better episode. Live audiences and their laugh tracks don't bother me that much, I've always watched quite a few sitcoms so I'm used to them, I do prefer shows without (Arrested Development, Scrubs etc..), but I can bear them.

And Aly was great in her show, she's wanted a sitcom for a while so hopefully this will continue to be successful. I'd already seen KC so I knew Nick wouldn't be in it much, I reckon they'll eventually get round to having episodes which focus on other characters other than Bradley Cooper every week.

Starting to think that Arrested Development will never get the huge audience it deserves, it's hilariously funny, it wins awards for being so, and yet people seem to just refuse to try it. Last nights episode was good, perhaps not the funniest episode ever, but still better than KC or HIMYM. Hopefully this won't be the last season, apparently the new head of Fox is a fan and wanted to guarantee them two new seasons but had to change that to just one for some reason.
I outright laughed at some of the scenes they were showing in the promos for KC and that got me to watch (HIMYM's promos didn't). I enjoyed it. I laughed out loud in some parts, even. Didn't watch HIMYM, so can't comment on that one, except to say I'm not a fan of laugh tracks. I like the style of sitcoms such as AD and KC much better than the "standard" sitcom, hopefully they give them a chance (or continue giving AD a chance)...

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Neal Patrick Harris' comic timing is impeccable. Who would have thunk it?

Someone needs to watch "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle". :)
Zandra, I agree, AD is better when watched on DVD -- the commercials break up the rhythm of the humor too much.

I didn't realize this until last night, because I didn't watch AD before -- I just caught up with S1 on DVD and was used to the non-commercial flow. This was the first episode I've seen with commercials, and it really does break things up too much. It's still funny, but it is definitely hurt by the commercials.
Just saw KC twice. The first it was already okay, but the pace of the show is really fast, with short scenes rapidly following each other. Sometimes I even needed to remind myself that it was a comedy, despite the jokes. Still it was funny. But when I saw it second time I enjoyed it much more and sometimes laughed out loud. I will definitely keep following it.

I didn't mind the (serious) lack of NB either. All characters were funny. Though I hope he'll be more in it in the future. As for the ratings, that's really sad. I was afraid of it.
I am sticking with AD and KC - another apology to Aly but her sitcom just doesn't even pull at me. I am looking forward to more of NB too - his comic timing is awesome and hopefully he will get more airtime. I am pretty sure those are the only two shows I will follow this year. I'll pop into Lost once a month and probably won't miss anything. AD is so fabulous - I would watch it twice if I thought that would help!
I TiVoed both shows and watched them late last night. I adored them both. Nick wasn't in KC much, but when he was, he was amusing. And I LOVE Bradley Cooper. ;)

HIMYM had it's moments. Loved Ally in it, thought she brought most of the funny. "I like olives." "We'll make it work somehow." HAH!

Both my son and I enjoyed each show, and we'll stick around for as long as they're both on.
"I didn't mind the (serious) lack of NB either."

I think as with all pilots, they have to introduce all the characters, do the backstory and create the premise and in a half hour sitcom, that's a LOT of stuff to jam in a half hour. I'm sure we'll see more of the supporting characters later, if we're given the chance! I too enjoyed the show, even with it's lack of NB airtime.
I watched HIMYM last night and it was good at times but I just didn't see the long term continuation of the storyline. It seems more like it would be the episode in an episode kind of of deal, but not an entire series. I didn't get to catch KC yet but I'm looking forward to it. Although I did catch a gem of a show later called Out of Practice. Has nothing to do with the Whedonverse though so I'll not mention it again.
Okay, I'm really feeling alone 'cause now I've watched "Kitchen" ... and I didn't laugh once. Remember, just because a show is single-camera and eschews a laugh track doesn't necessarily make it good. It's only one episode, but comparing "Kitchen" to "Arrested Development" seems patently absurd. Again, we're only talking the first 30 minutes, but I much preferred "HIMYM."

Of course, they both pale when compared to "Weeds," Showtime's new brilliant comedy.

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Kitchen Confidential was pretty good, but it reminded me a bit of the premiere of Arrested Development (the first season premiere, not the latest episode.) Not really a lot of laughs, sometimes a little janky even, but good characters and solid potential.

I watched Aly's show this morning, I laughed a couple of times, but I have no interest in watching it again.
We watched both, and I liked HIMYM better. KC was okay, but I just didn't click with it. My long-standing crush on Alyson Hannigan wins out, I think. So I'll just be switching channels after Arrested Development next week.
I may be in the minority here, but I thought KC was *terrible*. I barely got through the episode. I'm not coming back for seconds, even though Nick is in it. On the other hand, I really liked HIMYM.
For HIMYM, the previews and talk show promos didn't look interesting to me, but the show rocked! Aly and Neil (Doogie) were soooo good.
the first "surprise" got me, and stuff like;
"Aagh! How long have you been sitting there?"
caught me off guard. I laughed a bunch.
Just watched HIMYM. It's definetely like a more traditional sitcom. It was funny, some silly jokes and Aly was great. But somehow it felt like one of those, "been there, done that" with a little twist "american tv sitcom". I liked the characters though. And the laugh tracks were definetely annoying.

In the other side, KC it's a more unconventional comedy show. It did remind me of a mix of Arrested Development, The Office and Scrubs. I'm not a huge AD fan myself, but I love Scrubs and also like The Office. Lots of dark humour, unconfortable moments. It was quite interesting and some very compeling characters, from this first installment. It's not really about if it's good show or clever show, like AD. I think it will take some work for people to learn to appreciate it, and it's definetely not a show for every taste.
I watched both shows; KC first and then HIMYM on tape. While I, too, thought the pacing on KC was a little too frenetic, I liked it. I thought HIMYM was really lame. Sorry, Aly. And, yes, the laugh track was terribly annoying. I'm not certain I'll return to watch HIMYM again, despite my admiration for Aly, but I'll likely catch KC again.
The point with me is that I really don't like traditional sitcoms. Hell, I think I am the only person on earth who didn't like Friends. The only reason why I would watch HIMYM is because of Aly.
The only person on earth who didn't like Friends? Well, I've found one W member who quite clearly never reads my posts . . . ;)
How I Met Your Mother kept the jokes rolling. Kitchen Confidential was good, at least the parts Nick Brendon was in.
He's a fantastic actor. However, the lead, whose name escapes
me, comes across as quite smarmy and unlikeable. Alyson Hannigan's show won hands down, in my opinion. I think that Nick needs a show that showcases his unique, signature style
of humor. He shouldn't have to play second fiddle to the clown that played the villain in Wedding Crashers. Thanks for your time.
I watched both shows and thought both were good, not great, but I definitely preferred How I Met Your Mother. Yes, it's a traditional sitcom with a few fussy add-ons to make it feel "different," (split screens, the flashback structure, freeze frames, etc.), but the cast is talented and has a lot of chemistry, and although the laugh track is unbearable, I thought it was the funnier show overall.

KC was slickly made and has an equally charismatic cast, but nearly every character is one-dimensional and so much of it didn't ring true to me. It also was never really that funny, and some of its attempts at edgy humor seemed really strained. I probably won't watch either show on a regular basis, although both were fairly agreeable. Still, this has been the worst new season for TV in years...there's nothing out there that looks like a must watch. And if FOX cancels AD (which is once again looking likely) I will cry.
I don't think I laughed once during Aly's show, which could be, in part, because some of the brightest moments have been promoted to heck this summer.
I'll probably try to catch a few more episodes, but to me, it was as lame and unfunny as most American sitcoms these days.
On the other hand, I think I'm in love with KC, despite some misfires (that finger!). It's no "Arrested Development," but it's got a lot of potential - and will probably end up cancelled, with the kind of ratings it got. :(
I'm tired of being on the losing end of televison! SO fecking (as Father Ted would say) tired.
And bonzob, you won't be the only crying if AD is cancelled. Maybe Ron Howard can pull some strings.
On the plus side, "My Name is Earl" and "House" will be coming on in a matter of minutes. Color me excited. :)
KC has my vote! Aly's show was OK. Aly and Neil were the best things about it, hands down. Bradley Cooper was quite remarkable. KC had that Scrubs feel mixed with a little Sex and the City. Sorry, Aly!

SNT: The last couple of years of Friends was horrible!
SNT, well I don't read all the posts, lol. Especially not when it about conventional sitcoms ;) Glad to hear not everyone likes Friends. I don't just like the last couple of seasons. I don't like it at all.
"Friends" didn't do anything for me, either. I liked KC, but I taped "Mother" and I haven't watched it yet. As I am in the evacuation area for Hurricane Rita, it may be a while before I can.

We are in the process of shutting down JSC and getting the heck out of town. I'm trying to get gone before the forced evacuation starts (6 p.m. Central).
I was going to watch KC but I watched Mother. I'm not surprised KC didn't do well. It's like Arrested Development. Good storylines, interesting characters, but it just doesn't connect with people.
What I don't understand is why such genre-bending shows like Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential are not produced and aired on networks like HBO and Showtime. Sex & the City, Six Feet Under, and many others have flourished on those networks and were able to continuously spread their creative wings, so to speak, over the years.
Oh how I wish I had a tivo! I ended up picking Alyson's show because she has a bigger part - but I have to say Doogie Houser stole the show. I've decided to watch the show two more times because it has potential. But the weird thing, and I'm guessing I'm alone on this, is that I kind of felt like she was trying to be too much like her American Pie(s) character, and I was more intigured with well, Doogie Houser. (may she never read this!)

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