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"And I won't feel.. A thing"
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February 09 2003

Nitpicker's Guide to BtVS. Finally someone has made a list of all the things that don't make sense. :-)

"Everyone disagrees, saying that the hammer is too heavy to be lifted. They all reacted in surprise when Buffy lifts it up. If I may ask, if she didn't put it on that shelf, who did? And if it's so heavy, how come the shelf is holding it easily?"

I scanned the first episode nitpicking of this site, and probably won't return to see the rest of the seasons when this guy gets done. I'm reminded of Mystery Science Theater 3000, "repeat to yourself it's just a show and try to relax." But then I'm an irregular participant over at The Annotated Buffy so what do I know? Just a show. Heh.
The first thing I thought of was Andy Rooney.
"I go on-line sometimes, but everyone's spelling is really bad. It's depressing." Not to nitpick or anything...
He's really reaching for some of those nitpicks.
Reminds me of my ex boyfriend watching football. He used to complain aloud about bad plays etc, and I finally said "if you're so good, why don't you play?" He actually said "I prefer to coach"..............
There are on accasion, things I find that will bug for a moment or two, but then I'm completely caught up again. Why pick it apart? I wonder if "Nitpicker" can even enjoy watching with all the nitpicking????
I'm all for nitpicking, but stuff like Boils and Blinding Torment is more fun.

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