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September 20 2005

(SPOILER) CHUD Interviews Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres & Morena Baccarin. The Big Damn Trio are questioned. Playful back and forth ensues.

That was so funny.
That was so much more amusing and charming and entertaining than just about anything that is on TV right now...just sayin'.

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I just love it when our BDH get together. Great interview!
That was hilarious.

Q: Are you all signed for more movies?

Torres: Yes.

Baccarin: Two more.

Fillion: You are? Thatís awkward.

That's definitely one thing that puts Nathan ahead of Harrison Ford. Mr Ford plays lots of excellent charismatic characters, but every time I hear him interviewed I have to fight to stop from falling asleep. Nathan on the other hand is extremely funny and definitely someone I'd like to have a conversation with.
I have a crush on two of the three BDHs being interviewed, and I'm dying with the cuteness of them all.... awkward.
Fillion: What was the question?

Hee hee hee!! God, these guys are funnier than most writers who get together.


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