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September 20 2005

Serenity will be shown in Rio Movie Festival 2005. There is a showing scheduled for Saturday Sept 24th, and another two for Tuesday, Sept 27th.

I hate myself, for not being able to afford a plane ticket and going to Rio this weekend, to get the first showing in Saturday.

But this is a good sign, hopefully UIP submitted Serenity to be part the 29th Sao Paulo International Movie Festival, which will be happening in from October 21st to November 3rd.

Official Release date in Brazil is still scheduled for November 11th.

Hey, Numfar!
Are you from So Paulo? Me too.

Hm! I dont know if I do the crazy thing and expend all my money to go to Rio, or wait until So Paulo Movie Festival (is it the Mostra?).
Congratulations, you guys! So happy to hear when this stuff doesn't overlook our international friends. But don't despair if you can't make it... it's really so soon that it'll be "coming to a theatre near you." : )
Grats Rio-ites :) Very shiny news, indeed!
Well first, welcome Marina to our small-fold-circle-whedon-discussion-thingie (yeah, just invented this, crazy, huh?).

Yep, soon I'll be wearing a tag "Living in Sao Paulo since 1987". Yes, I'm referring to the Mostra Internacional de CInema de So Paulo, also known as So Paulo International Film Festival.

If I had the bucks, I'd definetely go to this showing in Rio this weekend, since I don't have, just have to keep myself strong to wait a little bit longer.
Heheheheh, nice description-turned-into-name. Thank you, Numfar_PTB!

Where did you live before 1987?

Do you know when the Mostra (I prefer its nickname, its shorter) will let us know which films they chose?

I dont have the bucks either...

And, barest_smidgen I am glad, too. They always overlook us, Brazilians, I was very surprise they didnt this time. Like, Fox didnt release Angel in DVDs and only the 3 first seasons of Buffy.

[ edited by marina on 2005-09-22 03:55 ]
Still waiting for Buffy season 4 on DVD, dammit. I really want that one with portuguese subtitles so I can convert my friends with "Hush".

Ahhhhhh I'd totally go to Rio just for the advance screening if I could afford it. You guys in So Paulo think you have it bad? At least you get Pink Floyd. Belo Horizonte gets NOTHING.
Also: glad they didn't completely butcher the title with a translation. :D Yaaay! The subtitle is cheesy, but we can always ignore it.

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