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September 20 2005

Buffy 4th spookiest TV show according to this MSN article about the "10 all-time spookiest TV shows"

Partial quote:

"Joss Whedon's inspired mix of horror movie revisionism, pop culture vamping and human tragedy is funny, clever, thrilling and -- surprisingly -- emotionally resonant."

And, oddly, Wonderfalls comes in at number 6.

Really surprised Millennium was mentioned as a mere aside to X-Files. It was as scary as anything else on the list.

I'm also a little surprised that Wonderfalls was even on the list, but in truth, inanimate objects moving and talking to me is one of the scariest darn things I can think of.
Well, to be fair, the author seemed to want to bundle together related shows, and Millennium is described as "even darker" and "more gruesome" than TXF.

More important, that one-paragraph description of BtVS is about the best capsule summary I've ever read of the show, especially "It depicted the collision of hormonal turmoil, supernatural soap opera, apocalyptic adventure and tongue-in-cheek humor, and the most human exploration of death, grief, sacrifice and self-actualization" (although, to be honest, the word "self-actualization" kinda sticks in my throat).
Honestly, I think the article was really about shows dealing with the supernatural, and it was just the tagline/link on the main page that labeled them "spooky".

I agree that the Buffy writeup was very good. Then again, how can you not like a description that includes the word "inspired"?
I like how at the bottom there's a small list of other shows... with no info about them, unless MSN has a page on them! They listed American Gothic, one of my favorite shows (and creepy as hell to boot) but no link to any info there. Doesn't really help out people who are looking for more genre shows.
Very good stuff. Much as I love Buffy, Twilight Zone did deserve to be #1...not a better show than Buffy, but few Buffy episodes have kept me up late at night not wanting to go to sleep for fear of the nightmares that would surely follow.

Then again, if they had entered Hush as a single episode...


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