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September 20 2005

Great SMRT-TV interview with Adam Baldwin about Serenity. Teaser quote: "My challenge with Joss was to bring in too much stuff, be too broad and let him say bring it back; 'Ok, that's too much.'"

Just expanded your link title there, TamaraC. This is a great find, and a great interview. And only Part One of Two, I see. The quote excerpted above reminds me of the bit in the Visual Companion where Joss talks about how Adam would always be thinking over what Jayne was doing in the scene, and wanting to bring a little extra to everything. Excellent stuff.
Thanks, SNT. This was my first thread.
Oh, great find, indeed, TamaraC! Sometimes, in interviews, Adam focuses more on the process and the technical and has a tendency to get a little, well, lofty... this interview showed some more of that raw enthusiasm and genuine affection for the cast, his character and the film that the rest of his crew so frequently express. Adam is a smart, cool guy. Right on. Thanks for posting.
I LOVE adam baldwin, every since I saw his teeny part in Full Metal Jacket as Animal Mother. And i'm entirely SHOCKED that he was 17 in My Bodyguard! has anyone else seen that movie? I thought for sure he was this 30 year old man they hired to play the "touch guy". I really want someone to bring up Animal Mother, because I see a lot of his character in Jayne!
By the way, did anyone catch Nathan on Fuse yesterday? I didn't see a thread for it, so I thought I'd mention it here. It's an MTV-type network, but better. I was flipping through the channels, and he happened to be on their Daily Download program (which is their TRL-type show, but better), promoting Serenity, which was cool. He was really funny, but it was actually pretty awkward - the audience didn't always get his quick and quiet sense of humor (they're not usually all hyped up on caffeine like the MTV crowd in the first place, which didn't help).

But it's nice to see Serenity getting talked-up, and the host (who, unfortunately, only seemed to know what his index card told him) seemed surprised by the clip, all, "There's actually a lot of dry humor in there!"

Anyway - just thought I'd mention it, a day too late.
SNT's words above remind me of the bit in the Visual Companion specifically re: cigars. To say much more would be spoilage, methinks, but suffice it to say, good stuff and I dig Adam. I echo barest_smidgen's comments above as well re: technical discussion vs. raw enthusiasm. Its a great reminder that our BDH's love the 'verse as much as we do and that's so wonderful to see in an industry where it can all be just another bit of work-for-hire. Thanks for a great link TamaraC.

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