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September 21 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity: The Dream Never Dies. Big movie feature at RopeOfSilicon. It's from the press junket so some of the questions and answers will be very familar or identical to use another word. But there's some nice new quotes from Joss and the cast. Minor spoilers only.

Thanks to Peter for the heads up.

Lol. Cool deal. Liked the whole exchange between Morena and Gina, coz that was cute.

Kind of freaked out by the sequel and Wonder Woman question though. I really want Joss to do Wonder Woman, and I hope a sequel doesn't push that back or that Joss doesn't leave the WW project for it.
Ooh, some nice new still photos in the gallery too. Thanks Peter and Simon!
I hope a sequel doesn't push that back or that Joss doesn't leave the WW project for it.

Let's hope, as Joss said, that is a question that he has to answer!

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Reading all of these takes on the same press junket, you can start to put together how the actual dialogue went. It's fun. I like the way this one was divided up.
Awesome post. Thanks to Peter and Simon.
Really great pics and what I've read of the interview so far has been fun. Have to say I dig that they took some time with the light up links and stuff, always good to see the material not just get regurgitated.
Why do they have a picture of Ari (Jeremy Piven) from Entourage in the gallery? unless he's in the movie, is he? :)
That was laid out really well. Nice looking, and I loved the Best Movie Ever kind of write up at the begining!

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