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September 21 2005

(SPOILER) Sky Movies review Serenity. These reviews are used across Sky's coverage, and generally show the angle they will take with the movie (they are the UK's largest digital provider). Some quotage: "The film serves a far greater purpose than merely satisfying the impassioned throng of Firefly devotees... It's the kind of balls-to-the-wall action movie that so many others, this past summer especially, purported to be and yet time and time again managed to disappoint. "

And yet, bizarrely, after a really excellent review they only give it 3 stars. I'm wondering that's a cock up or not.
Yes, we're British..
They seem hard to please, a positive review ending with "sequels please", and it gets 3 stars. Anyway, I'm just relieved the film is getting the positive reviews it deserves.
And yet, bizarrely, after a really excellent review they only give it 3 stars. I'm wondering that's a cock up or not.

It is Sky.

But still, cool review. I think the written review would have more weight than the star rating.
Yeah, definitely. I always avoid Sky's star ratings anyway as they seem pretty random. That review will probably stick when it enters Sky Movies multiscreen on TV, for the Sky magazine.

(The bloke who wrote this review has gone on to interview the cast on video, so I expect the features to start appearing on Sky soon).
The 'gagging for' bit brings to mind a Coupling quote from the infamous Jane: "I thought I was aching to heal our deep spiritual divide, but it turns out I was just gagging for a shag."

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Hee. Coupling US or Coupling UK?
That is very odd, surely a review that positive deserves at least 4 stars? Oh well, I just hope people skip past the rating and actually read the review.
Forget the stars, I say we take the great quotes and run!
"the cancelled TV series Firefly criminally cut down in its prime"

That is a much better way of describing it that "failed TV series", which has cropped up in many of the reviews.

I agree, the review feels at least 4 stars - very odd. I hope people read the review, rather than just noting the star rating.
Yea I agree with Kiddo on that quote. So many reviews, so little time. Seems most of them have been very very positive. Anyone seen a bad one lately? The boards been moving so fast I've only caught a few, and have basically just been keeping up with the Aussie ones.
It seems to be a growing trend to give Serenity a glowing review yet a modest star rating, what's up with that? Well when UIP and Universal do there post-film-release-marketing they can use all the tasty comments and ignore the star ratings. Fortunately there are a few four and five star reviews floating around as well.

Anyhow, TOTAL FILM - FIVE STARS will look cool on a poster, who needs five stars from Sky Movies?
Undoubtedly, it would look cool. However, in my copy of the Total Film they gave Serenity four stars.
gossi - Coupling UK, natch :))

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