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September 22 2005

Leonard Roberts to guest on Smallville. He played Riley's right-hand man "Forrest Gates" in the fourth season of Buffy.

I remember seeing him on Tru Calling's first season. It was actually funny, because Eliza and him never crossed paths in those 4th season Buffy episodes she was in, even though Faith actually met Forrest, because she was still in Buffy's body.

For the ones wondering about Riley's left-hand man Graham, i've seen the actor making some appeareances in "Las Vegas".
His name was Forest Gates? Yeesh. That's incredibly cheesy.
Lesser known Riley lackeys include: Olive Branch, Darken Stormynite, G.W. Bridge, Holland Tunnel, Petes A. Pie, ok ok I'll stop...
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Sorry about that, Simon.
Ah no worries :).

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