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September 21 2005

Eugene/Spfld, OR midnight Serenity show. Cinemark 17 in Springfield will have a midnight screening of Serenity at 12:01 am on Friday 9/30 (Thursday night). The Eugene Browncoats will be giving away prizes.

Tickets are on sale now both on-line and at the box office.

Meanwhile here in Portland, we still have no idea if we're getting a midnight.
Wooooo - Hooooo!
A mere hour from Roseburg!!!!
But dare I chance it on a school night?
Oh, I think so. Maybe I'll just show films in all my classes the next day.
Well, hopefully it'll work out for you to get a showing as well, but if not, come on down and join us! We had a great time up there for the pre-screenings, and I'm sure we could return the favor to all of you!

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