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September 21 2005

Best Week Ever for Serenity. Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk will be on VH1's Best Week Ever this Friday, Sept 23.

Best week ever reruns a couple of times over the weekend if you miss it the first time. Click here to check for airtimes.

Oh.. excellent, I love best week ever, I was already just excited for it's return, now I have another reason to watch!
Ohh, this is gonna be the best Best Week Ever ever!
Best Week Ever is a really funny show when a bunch of comics get together and make fun of everything that happened that week in politics, sports and hollywood. Funny stuff.
I can't wait! Yeah, it is usually very hilarious even when we don't know the people on it. Honestly, I think Nathan should be a regular. Also, the special guests usually have there projects highlighted, so there will most likely be something about Serenity and/or the Browncoats. Sweet! More mainstream press.

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