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September 22 2005's Top 50 Sci-Fi TV Shows of All Time. Buffy lands on #27 and Firefly lands on #17...

just a warning that some of their selection is quite questionable.

Holy Cow! Battlestarstar Galactica is at Number 2! Woo Hoo!

Oh! and Firefly should be higher.
Sliders lands on #10. Although I do appreciate John Rhys-Davies, I think that this single rank throw the whole list in garbage.

And not talking about Xena...
To me the list is random, without any kind of rating order. But it is a fun reminder of old shows I used to like in the olden days.
I think I did consider myself once a excer, back in earlier seasons, but later on came Buffy, and then all the Whedon geniuses. By the time we reached that first movie, I was already too annoyed with the series.
Nowadays, I think hard to understand all the praise for X-Files. Funny, huh? Yes, it was exceptional when it was really good, it was also really really bad and choppy in most last 4~5 seasons.
I guess Trekkies would argue a lot about the ranking with the star wars several series in the list.

Maybe it's really a random list, just like onesnailshort said.
I wouldn't include Buffy in a sci-fi list, but if you are going to do that how can you have Stargate Atlantis, Andromeda and Voyager ahead of it?? Dear oh dear. And the new BG is the 2nd best sci-fi show of all time? Hmm...
Angel, Deep Space Nine and Farscape don't make the list but Star Trek: Voyager does???

Oh and I happen to think Sliders is a terrific series and well deserved place at number 10. I've only seen the first 3 and a half seasons, and heard it ended terribly... but so did most of Buffy season 6/7. And yes John Rhys Davies was the bees knees!
Sliders was an amazing concept that turned into pure SF sludge during S3. Shame.
The mistake of Sliders was killing off Arturo and putting Peckinpah in charge.

But there is still debate whether or not it was the REAL Arturo that died. The writers and actors disagree on which Arturo was it was.
I like a lot of that list but the lack of Farscape is just unforgivable.
"Buffy" isn't a sci-fi show but that ranking is absolutely garbage! Since I consider it the best TV show of all time, any list not ranking it #1 is trash to me. Nice that they don't even get the setting correct....anyway, it does bring back memories of some forgotten shows.
That has to be the most random Sci-fi list I've ever seen. If they were including fantasy shows like Buffy, how could they omit Angel? The lack of Farscape and DS9 is just criminal.

I did get a kick out of seeing a few childhood favourites though. My husband and I have been watching Space 1999, via netflix, and it's so incredibly bad, that it's good.
Earth Final Conflict and 3rd rock from the sun is on this list... and not Angel, Farscape and Deep Space Nine. Heck those 3 shows should be in the top 10. Not to mention that it's a bit of an insult to Buffy to have a lot of these shows ahead of it.

I'm sorry, I like a good half of the shows listed, but I just can't take this list all that seriously.

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