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February 09 2003

Tony Head in Little Britain. The all new BBC Three was launched today, along with a new comedy series, 'Little Britain'. ASH is said to be a recurring special guest star.

I watched this, thought it was painful and a new low for the BBC. What on earth are they trying to emulate?
The Scifi Channel or Animal Planet?


I'm getting tired of recycled TV. Bring back Firefly!
I actually sat and watched this since I was channel hopping at the time and heard them mention Tony Head. It was without doubt the worst thinng I've seen in a very long time. Tony had this permanently bemused look on his face - almost a kind of "what the hell am I doing in this dross!" expression. I definitly won't be watching any more of this, no matter who the guest star of the week is!
I skipped the launch of BBC3 and watched Christopher Eccelston play Christ in ITV's "The Second Coming". Very good it was to, can't wait to see how it ends tonight.

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