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September 22 2005

Box Office Mojo is asking us: When will you see 'Serenity?' (reg req.)

At the moment the very disturbing answer "Never" is leading, we can't have that.

Thats not disturbing. Most of the movies get a "Never" or "On DVD" vote at the site. Theres so many movies that come out every month and most people aren't interested in seeing them. Its only the big releases people care about or the oscar films.

Guess we need to change their mind.

I never saw this posted, Sliter's release dated has changed to March. It used to be January. Sign that Universal has faith in Nathan Fillion's star power?
Ugh. Answered all of the questions until I got to the bottom at the end, where I was told I had to be a registered user to submit my answers. Just a heads-up.
Thanks Christopher, I completely forgot about that. Thing is that I'm always logged in so I just didn't think about it.
They're making a Dallas movie? That's scary.
Opening Weekend now leads with 36.5% - What they didn't ask is how many times I am going to go :)
You don't need to submit a valid email address, I believe becuase they let you vote right after signing up.
I got a shiny banner ad for Serenity:

"Millions of fans can't be wrong.
On September 30, the next great science fiction adventure begins

I never thought I'd *like* a banner ad!
I think you do need a valid e-mail in order to be 'activated', but I went ahead and joined just so I could vote for Serenity. Which I'll definitely see the first day (and many times after that). The only other film on their list I'm willing to see in the theaters is Corpse Bride.
Opening weekend is up to 55% now.
When will you see 'Serenity?'
60.5% Opening Weekend
I'll see it opening weekend if it comes out where I live...Sigh.

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