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"Angelus is on his way here now. He's very cross."
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September 22 2005

'Real Life' heads to Serenity premiere. In the umpty-umpth time Serenity is mentioned in a webcomic, Greg and Liz of 'Real Life' meet Joss Whedon at the Serenity premiere.

Pretty good depiction of Joss there.

Beat me to it!
Love Real Life.
What about this one? Did it ever get mentioned? It's a crack up :)

Real Life Sep 21 05
Chris, good to have the back story - now is there one that explains how he got the tickets anyway, despite being 5 days too late?
Memo to self, check gmail account more often.

Somebody needs to get Greg and Liz on the Buffy-train.
"Real Life" Joss is sooooo cute!
Um... that's not funny.

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