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September 22 2005

(SPOILER) A Serenity Trailer Review. Another non-fan perspective on Serenity.

For those worried about what the reception of Serenity will be like amongst non-fans, an internet personality (who admits to not having seen an episode of Firefly) tells us what he thinks of the movie based on what he saw in the 2nd US trailer. His comments gives us some measure of the likely positive impact Universal's marketing will have on the general public. You should read his other trailer reviews to get a feel for what he's on about.

Note: if you decide to email him afterward to tell him what you think of his work, he just might put it up on his mailbox section as informed feedback. More publicity for our BDM!

Sounds all good to me. I like that he likes it.
hot fox super ninja

At the risk of being thought disloyal, I have to say I was very disappointed with the trailer. I haven't been spoiled, so I was surprised that River was portrayed as the focus of the movie. The trailer made the movie appear kind of insipid. OK I will run and hide now.
Del, thank you for expressing your opinion. (Blind) loyalty is an oft-overrated value, IMHO. Fans do a far greater service if they applaud when it's deserved, question when it's appropriate, and criticize (gently) when it's warranted. No member here should ever feel they can't express something less than utter adoration. 'Cos, you know, that would be really, really boring.
I didn't really enjoy the first trailer, but the second one (the international one) was quite excellent.
I agree, SNT. Del, you should know by now that we're all very open-minded people around here...although we all appreciate Joss and his work, we also welcome criticism of it. No one here is out to get you.

:::whispers into collar-mike for the wetworks crew:::

Really, we're all great friends here. Totally open-minded, even about those who criticize the fandom. Did I mention being great friends? And by the way, could you stand over on that X?

It's hard for me to view the trailers objectively, expecially now that I've seen the actual movie. I'm glad to see in this article that complete newcomers can see it and say "this looks like fun and worthwhile".
I haven't been spoiled, so I was surprised that River was portrayed as the focus of the movie.

Hey as SNT said; here, we're all able to express criticism where we feel it's due. Most other boards online make that kinda hard....;-) I thought the trailer looked okay myself, but as I said, I can't have a fresh perspective on it, try as I might.

I'm not sure what you're complaint is though. Is it the fact that River *is* the focal plot point of the movie or is it that it shouldn't have been shown in the trailer that she is? Because the first option is not a reflection on the trailer itself, but of the actual movie, and the second seems a bit odd since the trailer gives a correct impression of what to expect. And isn't that what trailers are supposed to do?
My mother saw the trailer with me recently, when I expressed how much I liked the movie she said "Isn't that movie a little- actiony for you?"

That would be my only complaint, that someone would think it's a typical action movie when it's SO much MORE!
There are two TV spots I've seen for it, the longer one makes it look quite funny and like something I would want to see (had I not seen Firefly) and I'm not really a big action/sci-fi fan.
As for what Del said, I agree partially, I haven't been spoiled either (thanks to everyone here being awesome with warnings) and I was expecting more of a cast focus, I didn't realize River would play what I'm assuming is such a big part. This isn't bad news, just not what I had expected originally... I'm sure it will still be great, and I am counting down the days!

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