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September 22 2005

(SPOILER) SMG talks about her role in"Southland Tales". She didn't apply for the lead, but ended up getting the lead. Beware that the article contains plots details about the movie.

[ edited by Caroline on 2005-09-22 15:24 ]

How about a spoiler warning?
Agreed! Loved to hear how SMG's part evolved...but wasn't expecting a spolier...
(of course, thank you for the link though Caroline)
The section connected with the character she was originally cast as isn't a spoiler. In the expanded version of the interview, she mentions that various details have changed as different drafts of the script have been written.
Didn't something similar happen with Buffy? She originally was going to be Cordelia, then swapped roles?
Not so much a swap. She was going to be Cordelia, but persisted to be Buffy and ran against Katie Holmes (ahh!). Actually, Bianca Lawson was supposed to be Cordelia.
Anyone click on the Krysta Now link? That song... jeebus... I can't wait for this movie.
I don't know if this has been posted before:

I love this Internet Marketing.
This movie will be SO weird :p
MySerenity: The Katie Holmes thing is really nothing more than a rumour. She would have been a bit too young at the time, and also wouldn't seem to fit the type that Joss was looking for at all.

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