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September 22 2005

Reserve tickets for pre-screening in Neuss, Germany. You can reserve tickets by submitting your name and email address. Unfortunately no mention whether this is o.v. or dubbed.

[ edited by sister_ray on 2005-09-23 19:40 ]

The screening was first whedonesqued here.

Shiny! And thank you, sister_ray!

I'm having a lucky streak, as it seems. Not only am I visiting Düsseldorf for a great Buffy-RPG weekend. Now I am able to watch the Big Damn Movie next weekend already - in English and in a theatre full of Browncoats and browncoat-wanna-bes.

You have made my day.

Keep flyin!

I emailed the promotion people yesterday and asked about the film's language. Got an answer back and they haven't decided yet. Of course, I emailed them begging for the original version. Please, please do the same, even if you can't attend the screening.
The email address can be found here.
Done, sister! I haven't heard from them yet, but I hope it will be in English as well. One might miss a line or two, but I fear the dubbed version will sound quite ... awkward.


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