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September 22 2005

Amy Acker guest starring in The WB's "Supernatural". I can't find a guest star list for this show but there she is on the trailer.

Okay, then I'm not losing my mind! I fell asleep for a second or two at the end of the show and when I woke up I saw Amy and, paired with the WB logo, I thought I was dreaming or in an alternate universe that was home to a sixth season of Angel. *sigh*
Aha! So it was her I saw.
I miss Amy, I miss Angel *sighs along with bloodflowers*
That's really great. I think she fits right in, it's an incredibly cool show.

Something else this makes me think of, though: maybe The WB asked her specifically for this to draw in Angel viewers, like they did with James Marsters and The Mountain/Smallville... And this could also be setting up for her starring in the new Spike project (keep the memory of her fresh among viewers). If Illyria is in that, I can die happy.
I've wanted to post this since Tuesday, but there is no info to link to about it. It's definitely Amy Acker in the next episode.
Bizarrely for a new WB show, I've heard some really good things about. The plot looked awful when I read about it ages ago but there seems to be a fair bit of positive fan buzz about it.
So she's going to be in next week's episode? I didn't recognize her in the trailer.
I watched the show on Tuesday and I thought that was her! I was really excited so I checked here but there was nothing. Then I checked IMDB and it wasn't listed under her name, so I thought maybe I was going crazy! I'm so glad to see I wasn't the only one! It will be nice to see her again-even if it is just for one episode.
I've also noticed the positive fan buzz. The first two episodes were decent... not great. The stories aren't too good, but the two leads are likeable enough and David Nutter's direction is as usual, very good.

I would give it a 6 out of 10, along the lines of Smallville.
I thought the first episode was good, but the second was incredibly boring. The entire plot was that there was a monster in the woods that was capturing and eating humans. Like that story hasn't been done a thousand times already (sarcasm). I'll stick with this show for a few more episodes to see if the stories can get anymore original.
I spent 2 days looking for guest list on for Supernatural. I was so excited to see her face on the previews. I am hoping that this show turns out to be a good watch. I really wish Joss would put something together. I have had withdrawl for way to long now.
I really enjoy far. When I first heard about it, it sounded kind of stupid...but I really liked the two episodes that have been shown so far. Imagin a slightly paler Gun (with a brother) who goes freelance slaying around the country in with a significant X-Files vibe.

Not as good as Angel or Buffy but still...(Tuesdays are a very good night on TV first BONES and tehn SUPERNATURAL.)
I like the show and think it has potential. I'm not sure why, but of all the new shows on TV (as opposed to returning shows), this is the one I look forward to seeing the most.

Richard Hatem (The Inside, Tru Calling) is one of the writers for the show. John Shiban (X-Files, Lone Gunmen) wrote next week's episode. His stories can sometimes be dry or dull, but he has also managed to write some pretty good episodes as well.
Does anyone know who the other writers on this show is and what they have written???
I thought the premiere episode was highly entertaining. The dialogue in particular was funny, full of quips, and well paced. The episode was also scary. The second episode was scary too but the dialogue was dull. No quips, and it kept reminding me of the episode in Season Seven of Buffy when Willow gets captured by the demon that eats her skin. If they go back to the writing style from the first episode they might have a chance at keeping viewers awake. I too thought it looed like Amy in the previews. Thanks for the confirmation.
I liked the show. David Nutter is an amazing director, and I could really feel his vibe from the show. There is just something about the shows that he has directed I have always liked. I am sooo happy about seeing Amy on the show. She was one of my favs on Angel. I look forward to seeing how it goes next week.
Robert Duncan McNeill directs episode 6 ("Skin"). Aside from being from ST:Voyager, he directed a number of episodes of "Dead Like Me."
I enjoy Supernatural as well. Jensen Ackles, who was almost "Lana Lang" boring on Smallville, is actually quite likeable on this show. It may not be on par with the Buffyverse, but it's entertaining. It's X-Files lite.
I saw the first episode, and I did like it. Didn't see the second. Will definitely check out Amy. Oh, how I miss her.

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