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February 10 2003

Current season in Australia at last. Season 7 Buffy starts 10.35pm tonight; Angel is tomorrow.

This would be ACT, NSW and Vic at least; I expect Tassie will have to wait longer.

Chennel 7 is so very very lame about this that they don't even mention it on their website!

How many episodes do you think we'll get through before they replace it with a mini-series or obscure sporting event? about 22?

buffy and angel are hardly ever touched because they're on so late

buffy was only pre-empted once (after starting afer the winter olympics started) last year
Out of interest why is it on so late?
I suspect it's because Channel 7 thinks it will not rate well earlier?

I actually like the timeslot - I almost never miss it, even if I go out after work. Looking forward to Angel tonight.

Oh and one last miracle - it started on time last night. On Channel 7! Inconceivable!
grr! aggh! I missed the first half hour of last night's ep!

i wish Channel Seven would advertise it's on a little more prominently. I am clueless as to why they treat such a beloved show so badly.

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