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September 22 2005

Firefly DVDs back in the top ten at Amazon. Currently at #8, against some tough competition.

I like that it has all of its ratings stars completely filled. :)

That is all.

Ooh, shiny! Yeah, the Firefly DVD set is like the best rated product I've seen on Amazon.

And btw, wasn't the red carpet LA premiere for Serenity tonight??
I might be wrong, but I thought it was a press screening that was tonight. Or is that the same thing? I dunno. Anyway, neat that Firefly is again in Amazon's Top 10, especially considering that most (or maybe all) of the other things in their top 10 were just released or haven't even been released yet. And Firefly has been out for...I don't know how long, has it been like 2 years already? Or am I way off? Anyway, very cool.
Awesome! And BSG is #7, cool!
I bought the DVDs on Amazon two days ago! I'm a huge Buffy and Angel fan, and can't believe I haven't seen Firefly before this. I saw Serenity at a September 1st press screening and really enjoyed it, so I figured it was about (well, past) time I checked out Firefly.
einral, you're right. I can't find anything about it at the browncoats site. Was there not a single browncoat there? The only thing I've found so far is this (not quite enough for a new thread).
This is funny. When I went to the Amazon site earlier today "Firefly" was at #10. I didn't want it to slip so I immediately ordered another set, even though I just got one in the mail a couple of days ago. Now it's at #8. I like the idea that I contributed to that. And shiny, 'cause 8 is my favorite number.
I didn't want it to slip so I immediately ordered another set, even though I just got one in the mail a couple of days ago.

Now THAT is devotion!

Betcha it'll go up even more after the movie opens.
Wow, and I heard today that a guy my friend converted bought his own set a few days ago.... woot.
Spooky. If I believe the HNBC bank adverts currently on UK TV, 8 is considered to be a lucky number in Chinese mythology.
Drat. Now it's at #11. I think "Cinderella" on DVD is new, and also the Special Deluxe edition of "Batman Begins" is in the top ten now. I think both of those may have just been released.
The Batman one was in there last night, above Firefly, so that wouldn't be it. I'm just impressed we were up there.

It's been wavering between 9 and 11 for a while. Nice to see it staying up there.
How is this even possible?!?! Doesn't this fly in the face of every kind of logic? A 21 months old DVD release shouldn't be in the top 10 sales chart, regardless of what it is. Not even LotR is able to accomplish something like this. But I guess it's like Mal says, "We've done the impossible, that makes us mighty". Firefly just ain't like anything else.
Djungelurban is right. This has to be terribly unusual. Perhaps not unprecedented - maybe Family Guy has stayed up in the list longer? - but truly this must be considered remarkable. Right? What IDIOTS the Fox network folks were.

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