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September 23 2005

Joss Whedon Helming 'Goners'. Universal Pictures has picked up the rights to Joss Whedon's spec script 'Goners,' which he'll also direct for the studio. (Joss has posted in this thread btw).

New Joss characters? *cries tears of joy* Not that I don't love his other characters to death, mind you.

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Exciting! Bye, directly created by Joss, Buffyverse spinoff/movie? Atleast anytime soon, anyway.
OMG - this is so exciting!!! I'm thinking Universal is having some great confidence in how Serenity will fare if they've already signed him up for another original movie! Go Joss!!
Ok but that's Wonder Woman and then Goner. He needs to stop adding projects when we're all wanting a Serenity 2 in there somewhere. Heh.
Wow. That's great news.
Whoa--for real? He certainly kept that one under his hat! How very exciting. I'm so pleased!
I've changed the link over to the Variety article, which can be read for free.
I am stunned. This is so fantastic. I think we need to send Mary Parent dozens and dozens of roses for her role in getting Serenity made, and now this.
Didn't see that coming.
Wow, I'd never even heard of this project. When did Joss write the script? The only specs I'd heard him write were Suspension and that one with the brain switching. Joss is now well on his way to becoming one of the biggest writer/directors in Hollywood.
Wow, I didn't expect that. Exciting!
Oh. My. God., is that ever cool news! After that second half of the Chud article, I wondered what other projects he might have going. How groovy is this?! New Joss Stuff! Wheeee!
I like the sound of how dark it will be. After watching those viral clips, I thought Joss could do a very good horror movie.
!!! A dark fantasy-thriller by Joss? I'm ecstatic right now. :D
I can't wait -- this is very cool, and I'm happy b/c we haven't had any new Joss characters since... Illyria. I'm very excited. A free-standing movie of Joss, under his near-complete (*cross fingers*) creative control? I can't wait.
He needs to stop adding projects when we're all wanting a Serenity 2 in there somewhere.

Well the CHUD interview suggests that Serenity 2 would be a problem - as far as timing goes; though it would be a great problem to have. With two motion pictures greenlighted, the earliest we could expect Serenity 2 would be 2008 now!
Oh my god, is this man hot property now or what?! I seriously don't understand how he'll have time to do all these things but the man likes to keep busy I guess. Anyway, this is so great that I'm not sure that I can believe it, feels like someone is pulling our leg. September has been a great month and it's just getting better and better!
With two motion pictures greenlighted, the earliest we could expect Serenity 2 would be 2008 now!
Not necessarily! I mean, just take a look at asian director Takashi Miike, he makes on average 5 movies a year... I mean, one could hope?
I mean, one could hope?

I'd much rather one good film a year from Joss that a few just to get a fix. Or one good feature and one good TV movie at the most ;-)

My brain is still spinning over how the schedule will work, though. Eh, who cares! New Joss!
Congratulations, Mr W! And tell us more!
Great news, congrats Joss.

I could live without another female hero. I really do not identify with girls. But that's just me, mysogynist extraordinaire.
Seems to me he'll farming out the making of the Spike movie if it happens. Of course, he'll have a lot of input. Is it possible he might also farm out SERENITY 2? Nah.

So we'll have to wait 3 years in between SERENITY movies? It's just like the latest STAR WARS movies--only good!

I'd much rather one good film a year from Joss that a few just to get a fix.
Actually, a considerable amount of Miike's film are actually pretty good. There's One Missed Call, Audition, Visitor Q and cult movie Ichi the Killer (which I don't like at all) for example. And he doesn't have to make 5 movies every year, but 2 maybe? I repeat, one could hope?
Seems to me he'll farming out the making of the Spike movie if it happens.


Easy. Done.

Is it possible he might also farm out SERENITY 2?

Can't believe I'm saying this - but I'll be happy to wait 3 years for Serenity 2. It's been 3 years since "Firefly"...
I was pleased to read about the Spike "tv project" at the end of the article. Methinks maybe more than just a tv movie maybe?
And he doesn't have to make 5 movies every year, but 2 maybe?

We could hope... but realistically, given the lead time for big budget Hollywood films, it's unlikely to happen.

Given "Wonder Woman" is likely to be a mega-budget summer movie in 2007... well, even that feels like it's leaving its run a little late. Especially as Whedon continues to suggest the script isn't even done yet, let alone casting and pre-production.

As the Variety article says, the timing for Goner is even unclear - let alone another feature!
Woah..what a thing to wake up to! Yippee!
Gosh - that is incredibly exciting. I mean, I love the Buffyverse, and the Firefly 'verse, and all the wonderful characters Joss has given us in them, and I'm sure he'll do great things with Wonder Woman, too. But new original Jossy goodness is something to be very excited about indeed!

I just wish he'd be able (or interested) to bring us a new universe in a TV series. I'm just greedy, I suppose.
That is so cool. I've been waiting for Joss to do a all-new original project since I saw Serenity. This man did a incredible job on his first motion picture and I can't wait to see what else he's got up his sleeve.

I wonder if this is the script he was talking about a year ago. Remember? Joss said he was writing a script at the Kerry Fundraiser.
Joss Horror Joss Horror Joss Horror Joss Horror.

But the most important question, ever:

Will it has a zombie, Joss? I likes me some zombies.

I nearly jumped out of my seat with joy when I read this. Excellent news, thanks for sharing! :)
Oh my gosh, YIPPIE! More from Joss=more quality entertainment to look forward to. I am happy for him that he is starting to get the respect his work deserves. And happy that we get to see a new world from him.

As far as the Spike movie and Serenity 2, I am thinking Minear... In the best of worlds, Joss would write and direct both the Spike movie and Serenity 2. But I am actually okay with either Joss or Minear doing either of these projects, which speaks to how much I trust Tim to get it right. And this from a nit-picky, only-Joss-writes-the -characters-right purest.
Wow, this is wonderful!

I'm not even miffed by the time schedule, as long as we're getting new Joss. Wonder Woman I'm thinking may not even be out in 2007, and really, I honestly don't mind waiting a few years for a Serenity sequel as long as it's the brilliance we all come to expect from Joss.
Actually, I don't think he ever intended to direct the Spike project -- he's never implied he was going to, plus I automatically assumed his schedule would makit it impossible. I always assumed either co-writing or entirely writing the script and the direction duties given to either his co-writer or a trusted director from the Buffyverse. Which is fine by me: he's a good director, but a fabulous writer.
OMG, this day couldn't have started with better news!!! I'm so excited about this! And to make the day even more perfect, I finally got Serenity #3 in the mail today! Yippie!!!
That man is so sneaky! Where did this come from. I am so ridiculously unabashedly (is that a word?) exited. Whee!! Please make it DARK. Angel dark and then some. (But maybe better not as dark as radio.)

Plus I nominate Minear to partner with for any other projects (I nearly wrote ‘help out’, but that seems very disrespectful, because Tim is so bloody good, it makes ones head spin). The two back together that would be a cause for further wheeing. Or something slightly more tasteful.
I love the way this comes out of left field. We have our eyes fixed on the "Serenity 2" ball or the "Wondy" Ball , or even (please be kind merciful gods) the "Spike TV movie" ball and Joss comes with another project that "just poured out of me when I finished my film."

Pure f#%king genius!

To say I am happy would be a monstrous understatement - I needed some good news today and this was it!

Congratulations , Joss!!! Great news.

Life is unendingly ironic. The one genre I have always disliked is horror and yet my favorite TV/film writer/director guy is best known and most inclined to make just that. He really is the only guy who could get me to watch something like this...and I will.
Even though I should know better, I have had such mixed feelings when Joss is branching out.
From the the very, very beginning ( Buffy season 1) I have felt apprehension towards his new projects: How can anything top ( or even match) this! First Angel and then Firefly.
But everytime he has just proven to me how limited my imagination is. Since Firefly is my all time favorit of all things made by Mankind, I have finally surrendered and trust him completely.

I believe he has just started, and his best is yet to come.
For all our sake I hope it will be a long and steady process. And with the wonderful news you brought here, The Dark Shape, the prospects are looookin' gooood.
Anyone else still hoping to see the Buffyverse on the big screen? Certainly happy for Joss, but a little disappointed that there hasn't been any talk about a Buffy/Angel motion picture. Please, someone start a rumor. I need something to hold on to...
WOO-f#%king-HOO!!!! indeed :)
This is very shiny news indeed.
Yay - great news :-D
Will it has a zombie, Joss? I likes me some zombies.

I was thinking zombies, too, though Simon Pegg already did that.

What awesome news to wake up to! It's like little drops of candy making my migraine mostly go away!
mai - there is going to be a Buffy/Angel motion picture.

Except that's a lie.
YAY! This is the best day ever (just in time for the Best Week Ever! Watch tonight! :) Okay, not the best day ever, but the best since I realized the BDM is out in a WEEK!!!!!!
We need more Joss Whedons, at least two more! One for "Goner", one for the Buffy-verse and one for Serenity/Firefly-sequels.

Joss-bots! Someone get cracking! The world needs more Josses (or is it "Jossi"?)
This is fantastic news. To me it says that they have faith in Joss and want to keep him and his original ideas for themselves. I do believe though that if Serenity 2 is given a greenlight (God willing), Universal will most likely get Joss to crank it out first. As we all know, studios like releasing sequels about 3 years apart. Keeps the momentum flowing in a series.
Jossi? Not sure. Is there a plural for the Chinese word for luck?
This is great! I'm so excited that Joss is finally being recognized by the mainstream for his genius!

We can all say 'we knew him when...'
Michael Medved is going to be pissed.
"Michael Medved is going to be pissed." Hee hee, MattM.

This is thrilling news! I'm wondering if it was Goner that Joss was referring to in his Kerry fundraiser conference call. He said then that he had started working on a film script that was horror/fantasy/etc.

Wow. Just wow.
Hi guys. Just one word to y'all about this: They got the title wrong. It's "GONERS". Like, y'know, plural.

More I will not say.

Cloning sounds more and more like an option to consider :-)
No, seriously this sounds VERY interesting...dare I say more so then Serenity and Wonder Woman (do not take this as a diss, I will be at the movies next week for Serenity).

I do hope we will see Joss work within the world of telvision too though. The Spike project keeps getting mentions all the time from all kinds of sources.

If Jerry Bruckheimer can Executive Produce TEN (yes, 10!!) shows on TV and Produce 3-5 movies a year, I would say Joss and write and direct a few movies and keep some kind of involvement in the world of TV, right?

Heck, a buch of new shows on TV this fall definetly has some kind of "Whedonian" shadow on it....
Hey, it's Joss... Waves at Joss. :) Well I guess that was some extra confirmation lol.
Thanks for the heads up, Boss. Time for 'saw' to move over as best horror movie of the past decade methinks ;)

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Since I'm only a few posts away from the Joss-meister, may I also congratulate him on the very important career step of showing he can something that doesn't involve the syllable "verse" in any particular sense? No. Well, maybe next time.

Anyhow, I'm guessing this is almost certainly the same script Joss referenced at the High Stakes event, since he pointed it was something entirely new and I'd like to think he's not like working on 95 scripts all at once.

And Djungelurban, have you ever seen a picture of Miike? He's about 43-45 and looks like's about ninety or so (okay, a slight exaggeration). And the only other guy I know of directed that many films (without at least a studio system behind him, I mean) was Fassbinder who, I think, died at the age of 12. I'm sure Joss takes superpills so this would never happen, but still, better safe than sorry.
Heya Joss! Saw the BDM! It rocks!! :D

I will be there, opening night, with all my former friends and acquaintances who are now willing to do anything to get me to shut up about "Serenity"..

And I'm definitely looking forward to "Goner-S-".
Hey Joss, congratulations. All sounds awesome. lol at the title balls up :)
OMG! And the Joss himself posts! And seven figures? Whoa, that's a niiiice piece of change for a script. Makes up for some of that comicbook money. Time for Mrs. Whedon to go shopping for beach houses?

Joss, I think it's time to re-open Mutant Enemy, but as a film and tv production house. Get the band back together! By the end of the year, Fox will want you to star in your own reality show "Ballet Dancing with the Stars" and your own talk show, "Joss!", and a monthly magazine also called "Joss!", and your own clothing line. And pretty soon, we'll have Apprentice: Joss Whedon. Then Martha, Oprah, Diddy, the Donald, all will fear your might!

Okay, I'm getting carried away, but still, great news.
Or is the plural "Goneri?"

OK. That sounds like it needs a shot of penicillin!

Do you think Joss is on speed?
Joss, can I order my preview screener tickets for Goners? I promise to cheer and whoop wildly, even though I'm English...
Nebula1400 -- no, but he did do some script doctoring for it. Wah wah wah... When you said "Goneri" I immediately thought of your next line ;)
Nebula1400 -- no, but he did do some script doctoring for it. Wah wah wah...

I can't believe I set myself up for that.
newcj, I hear you about horror. I had to walk out of Alien. But I'd have to see Goners. Ah Joss, you make a good month better with the news!
BTW, how was the premiere? The red carpet and all that?
Goners sounds great. I really, really hope Serenity 2 will come first, though. Too much delay and some of the cast won't be available or it won't be the same in other, more subtle ways. As someone said upthread, though, it's a nice problem for Joss to have!
This day just gets better and better :)
Could have been worse. They could have spelt it Gonads.
Ah, but if they'd spelled it 'Gonads' it would've at least been plural... wait, is that better? ;)
Man o man o man o man o man..........original joss stuff....i simply think its cool that he posts on this site.

WE all know joss can multitask, this is the man that ran buffy angel and firefly at one point. He can totally film 3 movies in 1 year...not all of them will come premiere at the same times becuz u gotta consider special effects and all that stuff

Definitely the best shocking news since the announcement that Firefly would become Serenity.
I believe it's spelled "Goners" but it's pronounced "The Faith And Ilyria Naked Mud Wrestling Experience". The "G" is silent you see.
Oooooh. The man himself hath spake! Thank you!

So, when do we get a "Goners" category? :D
I'm really glad I registered now... Hee!

Although I've got now as well. Pointed both at Universal and offered the domains to 'em for free, I don't want people squatting 'em.
Given the normal life expectancy of Joss's characters and a title like "Goners", I'm thinking every character will be dead after the first act of the movie.
And then it'll turn into a musical zombie film in the final few acts.

'Cause, you know... If it worked for Thriller!
yay thats sounds really interesting. Cant wait to hear more!
I like the fact Joss is still writing things on spec. As much as I love Buffy, Angel, and Firefly (and I'm sure I'll at least enjoy Wonder Woman), these are all worlds he's worked in for a very long time. Of course, "Goners" sounds like it's about yet another supernatural hot chick...

Just make it a porno, Joss. Just make it a porno. If anybody can make the in-between scenes dialogue sparkle, it's you.

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But, but...if Joss gives us yet another world to play in, I think my mind will explode! Mentally drifting off into Joss' worlds is the only thing that keeps me awake at my job. Now another world to consider....

Damn you, Joss. Why ya gotta be so creative and stuff?
Well, I've pretty much always thought that "Hush" was pretty much the scariest (well, in a horror sense, should I just say "horrifying?" maybe I just did.) Buffy episode ever. I still shudder when I see the poor guy screaming, unheard, as the Gentlemen haul him away to take his heart.

So, yes, yes, and yes. This will be horror as it's meant to be done. Thanks Universal, and yay Joss!
Woo Hoo.
I think it's time to add another category to whedonesque....

This is just so exciting. Really shiny (well, it's also time for new whedon-slangs).

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I think we should all pause for a moment and think of Caroline. The header of this page has yet to have WW added and now Joss has come up with another world! There's going to be no room for the board name at all soon.

And as much as I'd love to see more Buffyverse stuff (esp the Faith/Ilyria mud wrestling) a whole new world will be great. A chance to start afresh, without having to worry about next weeks episode or whatever, no one is safe, no rules...
Joss! Bestriding Hollywood like a genre Colossus! Go on wit' yo' bad self! :)

You've been working so hard for all this; your success is well-deserved. Even though I don't know you personally, I'm as proud of you and what you're doing (both artist-wise and human being-wise, trying to open people's minds and hearts) as if I did. It's perfect that you're going into the fantasy thriller/horror realm, because the field's wide open for some visionary to take what we've been given so far to the next level.
I can't wait to see what you've come up with this time!
Woo-hoo indeed. Quite thrilling news, in fact--for as loveable as the Buffyverse is, as shiny as Serenity is, I had long wondered what MORE Mr. Whedon might have knocking about that skull of his (Not that these weren't worlds enough!). There is fairly little straight horror rendered with any sort of wit these days (and most of that Japanese), so it will be nice to see JW get his mitts on the genre.

Another Project! Not so much a man, as a whole cosmos.

I think we should all pause for a moment and think of Caroline. The header of this page has yet to have WW added and now Joss has come up with another world! There's going to be no room for the board name at all soon.

And then this board will be a Goner... muwahahahahaha.
Also, I second zz9 on the Faith/Illyria mud wrestling.

As well as: Thanks, Caroline (those poor, poor, mods).

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Congratulations and good luck to Joss. I am really looking forward to see all of his future projects, and whilst I hold a special affection for Buffy, Angel and Firefly, I am also interested to see what else he can do.
And then this board will be a Goner... muwahahahahaha.

GonerS ;)
And then this board will be a Goner... muwahahahahaha.

hahaha.I was thinking about what Goner's fans would call themselves. Since the press just loves labels, would they/us be "Goners".
Yeah Lioness, The only other man who ever got me to go to a horror movie gave great hand and foot massages and even then he had to trick me into it the second time...there was no third time and it has been 20+ years. Joss is definately the only man who could get me to go to one now...though I really could use one of those massages. ;-)

No new thoughts. I am just really happy things are breaking so well for Joss. This is just so great.

...and if Spike gets to wrestle the winner, or loser, (I'm not picky) in the Faith/Illyria mud-wrestling thing you can count me in.

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With just 6 days, 22 hours and 58 minutes until I'm sitting in the theatre for my first view of the finished "Serenity", this news almost puts me on overload. Since I spent a total of 15 hours in a car to see a screening of the unfinished movie, I believe I have demonstrated my trust in anything Joss does, a trust which was completely justified, by the way. And although horror is not my favourite genre - some might even put it stronger than that :) - I will definitely watch anything Joss writes or directs - or stars or dances in!!

[ edited by samatwitch on 2005-09-24 01:16 ]
Yeah, but he has that knee as an excuse not to dance for a while ;)
Numfar! Do the dance of joy!

The more Joss the better, my mother always said. Can't wait until E-Bay starts auctioning off his hair clippings.

That didn't sound weird at all, did it?
Perhaps we could be the 'Goneri'. Gonerphiles, Goneraddicts--wait, I've got it: Gonerazzi!

Gonorr... let's not go there.
Congratulations, Joss - and the movie sounds awesome.
Best. News. Ever. I'm all for The Joss moving in his own direction.

And making the moneys. Let's not forgets the moneys. :-)

You never know, we might get Serenity 2 directed by someone else. *stifles laughter*
Oh my good!
Best news of the day! I'm really excited!
We need to know more, please Joss!

Not everything must be Buffyverse on screen, let Joss do and create other things.
Are you sure it's not Gooners, as in another Goonies sequel only set many years later. :)

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