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September 23 2005

WireImage photos from LA premiere of Serenity. So far, pictures of 8/9 BDHs, plus Aly, Alexis, Marti, but none of Joss. They may still be adding pictures, so check back. (subscription required for larger images). More pics (larger ones too) at Getty Images.

And of course, Jose Canseco...........

Okay, how adorable did Nathan Fillion look?

Well everybody looked great, but there was something about Fillion's expression...

Canseco was the only non-Jossian person I recognized. Who was that blonde chick with the many many photos? Katie something-or-other...?
Alan's been so busy with Spamalot, it's nice to see him at one of these things again.
Yay! It's our Mrs. Reynolds! And Jewel and Morena look FAB.
Very nice. I liked the two of Nathan and Summer. Cute.
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I think the guy they call James Dunn is actually James Gunn, the director of Nathan's next movie, Slither.
I just came back from the premiere and missed the red carpet... i was sitting in the balcony, Mark Sheppard (and i think, DB Woodward was there too) among other people.. it was freaking cold inside the theatre. The girls are so pretty but I didnt see Gina Torres anywhere at the after party. Alan Tudyk was hanging outside...
Our BDH are such a beautiful bunch. They scrubbed up nicely ;)
Joss pictures are up. Nice suit, Joss. Kai is there with him. Thank god Wireimage didn't pull a variety and knows who he is actually married to! How weird is it that Jose Canseco is there? All the BDH's are looking great. Alan Tudyk looks different, maybe its the suit? I love Christina Hendricks' hair.
I have no idea who Chad Rogers is. Morena looks so lovely btw.
None of Gina?? They all look shiny :)
They're all so pretty! Especially Jewel, Adam and Nathan. Joss looks fantastic, and he doesn't look so tired anymore. I hope he got a good rest! He commented while in Melbourne that he hadn't seen the full, final cut of the movie yet, so maybe this is the first time..? I wonder what he thought about it.
Ha! There's a picture of Summer's feet. I wonder if Joss took it?
I noticed the feet too. There's also a shot of Summer's handbag, so perhaps some media outlets are desperate to know what the stars are wearing.

And David Krumholtz's lady friend is wearing a coat that's kinda...brown.

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Joss in a beautiful suit, it is hard to believe. I'm so thrilled to see a real live red carpet premier for our BDM, this is just so exciting. I feel like I've done something good, instead of just having enjoyed something good. I'm feeling all proud and happy. I can't wait until next Friday when I get to line up at the theater with my fellow Browncoats!
I love all the shots of the cast signing autographs. Makes 'em all look like the huge stars they will all soon be.

And isn't this the prettiest cast? And with a director who cleans up real good? Nice to see Joss is looking well-rested and happy.
Keep them coming, keep them coming. All those pictures of (star-)shiny, happy people.
Anyone can see that they are meant for stardom, spending their time gliding along red carpets.

No more doubts in my mind about if our BDM will be a hit, and that there will be sequels.

( So why do I still feel nauseous ?)
I've added nicoleh's Getty Images link to the subject link. Lovely pics all round :).
Thankyou Simon! I didn't even think about the fact someone could include that link in this post. Sorry! :) *sheepish newcomer*

I have to agree though, the photos are fab - it's great to see nonBDH Joss friends there, too!
It's cool to see Aly, Alexis and Amy turn up for the premier. God, I miss seeing them on TV.

In another note, who is 'Nectar Rose', and why does her name sound like that of an .... actress of adult content?
Ooh shiny pictures, nice to see Buffy/Angel alumni showing up. Would've been good if they could've spelt David Greenwalt's name correctly though.

ETA: Make sure your own spelling is correct when being a pedant :)

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LOL, NickSeng. I was thinking the same thing. Nothing meaningful to add about these shiny photos of our BDH... just some frivilous stuff. Everyone looks gorgeous... it's like our friends are all grown-up and so very glamorous. Beautiful suits on the boys, every hair stylishly askew or in place, and of course, our ladies look lovely. Alan does look different -- saw him in Spamalot last weekend (he was hanging his head out of a castle window ten feet from the box where zeitgeist and I were sitting. whee!) and we initially confused him with another character who was blond. Think his new darker locks, and the fact that he seems to have both slimmed down, and buffed up that threw us off. And did you catch the photos of Ron Glass? Adorable. His charming personality just leaps out of his photos. Missed seeing a photo of Gina Torres and hubby Laurence Fishburne...
NickSeng - Nectar Rose is a BDM castmember.
Nectar Rose is a BDM castmember.

Oh, ok. Thanks purplehaze.

But that still leaves the second part of my question ... ;)
Maybe she has the same publicist as Lorne.
If you're not avoiding spoilers there's some invisitext discussion of her role in this thread .

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I must say that Nector seems to have been perfectly cast. And didn't Christina Hendricks look like Saffron! They all looked like they had so much fun - love the picture of Sean sticking his tongue out at Nathan.
NickSeng -- second part of your question is 'Don't ask why, just know that it is so.' Did anyone else notice that James Gunn (writer of Slither amongst other things) is listed as James Dunn on two of his pics? Funky.
is that the first time we've seen Kai?

i can't reacll seeing a picture of Joss' infamous wife before
Oh my god, Jewel is truly a jewel. She is just gorgeous! They are all lovely! Alan looks nice with his darker hair, Joss is really, really fit! But where was Gina?
aapac - I've seen her before in the PBP pictures. One year, I remember, she had green hair. I'm sure if you google 'Buffy posting board party pictures' it should come up with some of her.
Incidentally, the Getty Images people can't spell Morena Baccarin, and they miscaption a photo of Summer Glau signing autographs as Morena.

Did Gina Torres come to the premiere?

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Gag Halfrunt -- you should inviso-text what could be considered a spoiler for the BDM re: Nectar Rose. Ah, you removed it entirely, NM :)

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So who all from here went to the premiere? More fan reports would be much appreciated :).
In case anyone is interested I have uploaded the larger versions of the wireimage pics of Morena Here.
What I think is mega cool is seeing our Buffy/Angel actors at the Serenity premiere. Its like, now these worlds are connected. And cool seeing Marti Noxon and Greenwalt....these guys made Buffy and Angel back in the day. Noxon pumping out script and Greenwalt pumping out great Angel episodes and arcs
I didn't see Gina Torres at the after party. I only saw Jewel, Alan, Adam, Nathan, Morena, Summer, Ron, Sean, and Joss, David K.
I went. Met the lovely and kind RavenU.
OK, I'm blind, where are the Kai pictures?

Everybody is looking fabulous, including Joss (not gummy at all). That haircut on Sean Maher is goooooood.
My quick and dirty premiere report is up in my live journal for anyone interested.

I hope this is okay; I know we can't self-link but I think it's alright in comments.
"Linking to your own stuff in the comments is acceptable, if relevant to the discussion."

I went, Simon. With some other absolutely charming fans, making it an awesome night :) I didn't see Gina either.

I think Universal did a great job with the premiere. Watching our stars walk the red carpet on their special night was thrilling, although walking it ourselves to get into the theatre was a little embarassing. They had at least 4 theatres showing Serenity, and our tickets designated which theater we were in. I think they spaced out the starting times of each theater by about 10 minutes because we got out first and were the first group at the after party. The after party was on the Universal Studios lot with tons of little food stations, bars, nooks for seating, etc. There was a large ballroom decked out asian style where all of the "important" people were, but they opened the doors for everyone after about an hour. All of the BDH's and other Whedonverse alums seemed very delightful and willing to talk to fans (who, for the most part, seemed to behave themselves :)

I had 4 hours of sleep last night but am wide awake replaying the night. What a privilege to be a part of that special night. I hope Joss enjoyed himself.
I also went. But failed, again, to meet Allyson. I did get hailed by RavenU, who is truly lovely and kind. My biggest shout-out must go to Salty Goodness for the invite, and for the pleasure of the delightful company of her, her husband, and friends. Hooray!

I have the feeling Gina and hubby weren't there - at least, no one I spoke to had seen them. But yes, I did see the aforementioned crew members, every single one of whom looked spectacular. Especial mention must go to Alan (great hair and suit), Simon (just looked ruggedly cool), Summer (wow), Ron (chilling with a ciggie at the after party looking very fine), and Jewel (slimmer than ever, and looking rowrrr . . .) Also noticed Christina Hendricks, who looked very glam, and a few other cast members. Also Aly (gorgeous, naturally), Alexis, Jane E, and DB Woodward, and had pointed out to me Neil Patrick Doogie Howser-guy, one of the leads from Boyz n' the Hood, and a couple of TV folk. Oh, Kai looked incredible.

I don't have a lot to say about the event itself. I stood soaking in the Browncoat atmo while waiting for the red carpet festivities to commence - people were excited, and largely dressed up (not costumes - although there were many) and elegant. Ron was the first to arrive, followed by Joss and Kai, Alan, then Morena, Sean, Nathan, and Summer all at once. There were some intensely annoying autography hunters waving sheaves of glossies in all of the cast member faces, clearly intending to be resold on e-bay and the like. That pissed me off, because they were jumping around, and getting in the way of everyone else, to the point that we gave up waiting, and walked in - on the red carpet, which was my first time, and very lovely.

As SG just posted, it appeared that they were showing the movie on four (possibly more?) screens at once. I have no idea if this is the norm for premieres, or whether it was to accommodate the larger-than-usual fan contingent. The screenings were staggered a little - ours started right at 7:30, - to alleviate the crush to the after-party.

The movie was better the second time, especially with the finished score, editing, etc. A lot better.

Afterwards we were led by many smiling ushers down the crazy Universal Studio "city streets" to a designated block of four or five streets that had the Serenity banner hanging over, and where staff stood in wait at displays of hors-d'oeuvres, hamburger grills, cookies, mini-bars, and the like. And the "main event" party, which was exclusive ticket only for a while, and then general entrance, was held in a separate building in the same area.

I'll stop now . . . only wish to express my deep feelings of pleasure at the movie, gratitude to Universal and its staff for putting on such a great party, and to note that the general feeling was one of communal joy for Joss to see his work appear in such a spectacular way.
They all look gorgeous but Sean Maher definetely has my favourite outfit.
Well, not only... just talking about the cast and Joss. Apart from them, Amy Acker (and Hubby), Alyson Hannigan, Alexis Denisof, Mark Sheppard, Christina Hendricks, and people I recognize but can't put a name on (I'm bad at names). Tim Minear was there and gave Joss a big hug. I was right behind them(like 3 inches) when they were talking though can't hear a thing from the loud music. The crowd was pushing them towards me. Doogie Howser was there ( i forgot his actual name). Oh and the chocolate falls with mighty fine strawberries and other desserts.

I also noticed the different theatres for the screening, there were 4 signs with "Theatre #x".
Oh, I completely forgot Amy. And Drew Goddard.

And the chocolate falls were sublime, even if half of it ended up on my Whedonesque t-shirt . . .
Jose Canseco?!?
...and David Greenwalt is in the pictures. He's been sorta quite of late, and I've missed seeing him on TV.

Anyway, the pictures are great. And it's nice to have something to celebrate, and not something to mourn (like a cancellation).
Caroline, you are sooooooo right about Sean's hair, he looked awesome! And D.B. Woodside is HOT up close :)
I was there and met and talked to, like, no one. I had a migraine. Which kind of ruined the whole movie premiere experience for me. There were a lot of people there I would've liked to speak with (I didn't even see Tim Minear, and I wish so much I had). Stupid migraine. Note to self: Carrying a purse with no room for usual amount of pain reliever is bad idea, even if it's a nicer purse.
Some more photos and movies from the premiere at IESB. Don't watch the movies of interviews with actors if you want to stay completely spoiler free.

Nick Seng, the background of Nectar Rose's name is answered in her first interview, but don´t watch past the explanation, unless you´ve already seen the movie.
My gimpy disabled butt just got outa bed and crawled to the computer room to see whats up after getting back from the premier last night. It was a long experience. I got to see Ron walk the red carpet and the beginning of Sean before I went vertigo and had my 90 pound girlfriend carry me out of the browncoat area to sit down for a minute.

I made every effort to walk the red carpet as normal as possible and passed by Jewel posing for the camera's and half way up the red carpet got to shake Joss's hand. He was hugging everyone in front of me and kissing people on the cheek, but he just looked at me like "uh, hi." and shook my hand. We went in for the movie and had to sit in the very front row (which wasn't very fun since I was still dizzy from earlier). My girlfriend saw the movie for the first time and is an official browncoat now, which makes a total of like 3 in Bakersfield.

After the movie I felt rested enough to walk down the party and take 3 vicotin to keep standing for a couple hours. During the party I got to see Ron, Nathan, Joss, Summer, Sean, Alan, Doogie Howser M.D (does anyone remember his real name? Neil Patrick something..), and Mr. Universe who I never knew his name either. I tried to visit with as many BDH's as I could but it was harder than hell to get through and I had to go sit down for a while after each one cause my legs wouldn't hold up. Ron and Summer were easily the most approachable and sincere to talk to. Joss was constantly surrounded as was Nathan although I did find enough of an opening to shake Nathans hand and call him a big damn movie star as he looked at me kinda lost and said thank you. And while I was standing next to Nathan some guy was behind me like back-to-back. My girlfriend told me to turn around and I found out it was Alan Tudyk up against my back, talking to other people, and yet he still ran off before I could say hi. Sean looked constantly busy talking to people that looked like agents so I didn't bother him.

But the best part of the night was the walk back to the car. I was hurting something fierce and talking to my girl about the websites and when I started talking about the guy walking in front of me started looking at me like he knew me. I didn't recognize him at first but it was a weird moment when you realize that Badger is looking at you and you forgot the actors name! I said I'm sorry I didn't recognize him (he really wasn't dressed up at all) and he was the sweetest guy. Mark talked to us the whole walk back to the car and at my gimpy pace, that was like 10 minutes. I gotta say, he really made my night. We talked about family and injuries, and the family of Joss, and how Bakersfield sucks. It was a great time that I'm proud to not be able to walk for today.
I didn't even see you, Kiba. I did see Tim for about 30 seconds.

PS: Fans throw cooler parties.
Allyson, I was quite invisible. My seats were way over on the right side in a corner, and afterwards I pretty much said howd'y'do to Joss and Kai, introuced myself to Ita, and bolted. Was afraid I'd hurl on Alan Tudyk or something, so after I grabbed a soda at the party and ogled Alexis Denisof for about three seconds, I went home to bed. I wish I'd seen Tim at all. Even, like, the back of his head (I did see the back of Doug Petrie's head).

And yeah. Fan parties are way cooler. And the alcohol at them seems much more limited in the spread of its odor. Gotta say it was nice that they had all that ROOM, though. And the out-of-doors, but I think a fan party could do both of those.

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Ok the people I saw verse related;
Joss (natch) - I got some nice pitures of him this time so perhaps he will not have me killed. :)
Nathan, Adam, Jewel, Summer, Morena, Sean, Alan, and Ron. Also Christina K., Mark S., Amy, Alexis, DB Woodside, Allyson, David Greenwalt, Tim Minear, Drew G, Jenny M, and Jane E. - I think that is the list I saw besides David K., Yan and Raf F., Nector R., Raz A., Barry M., Ryan S., Chad R., Katie C. Jose C., a couple guys from HBO's the Wire. I think I have missed 1 or 2 but that was the majority.

BTW - with in the hour I will post a few of my shots to flikr, but if you want to see more with tin the next day you can find them at Broken Frontier thanks to Nick who allowed me to tag along and take some shots along the red carpet.
Oh man, thanks for all the reports! I wish I was there! I saw Spamalot on Tuesday and Alan was at the stage door afterwards saying how he was going to miss his first show to go to the Serenity premiere. Now excuse me while I go extremely fangirly and cry in the corner over that picture of "Alan Tudyk with guest."
Amen, Einral! "With guest", indeed! Alan is supposed to wait for *me* at the stage door in October, unencumbered by possible significant others ;) Ah, well, there's a whole month until then!

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