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September 23 2005

San Francisco Midnight Premiere at the Sony Metreon. On THURSDAY 9/29 at 11:59p.m, hosted by the San Francisco Browncoats. Tickets on sale at Fandango.

The San Francisco Browncoats told us they'll be organizing some pre-show fun--with costumes, prizes, etc.--and keeping a list of attendees (so people don't lose their spot in line as they arrive). There will be a pre-party at Varnish, a club that has been showing Firefly episodes every Thursday (21 and over only).
For more information, here is the link to the SF Browncoat yahoo group.

I would go, but my friend has passes for the Tues press screening and I'm already planning a big group gathering on Saturday, with 8-11 people, and there's no way all those people can make it at midnight on a Thursday night. I figure it's more important to get people into the theater than to indulge my fannish desires.

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