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September 23 2005

(SPOILER) 25 Minute video of Joss press conference in Australia. MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING. Link goes to Greater Union website. Here's a Quicktime version.

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Not great quality video, but it's a very good time to spend 25 minutes. He discusses indepthly different characters and story arcs. Also there's a bit of Buffy discussion also.

Link provided by Zoic_Fan at SenOz.

Note: I didn't get any sound on this clip in Quicktime on Windows at work (note that I don't have any codec packs loaded here), but I was able to hear it in VLC (

p.s. - thanks, Nix!

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-09-23 21:24 ]
No worries Zeitgeist. Yea I had to watch it via VLC also.
Also, sorry I missed all those tags Caroline. It's 5:30 am here and I still am yet to get to bed! Night all.
I'm sorry, I can't get any sound, what is Is this some kind of download or something? I would love to hear this interview. Thanks
I'm having trouble too. I get the picture in Quicktime and the sound in VLC (I think you meant, zeitgeist) but can't seem to get both at the same time. Odd. Any suggestions? I'd love to have my 25 minutes of Jossy audio-visual goodness!
Works fine for me in VLC, haven't done anything special either. A couple of weeks ago I got the latest copies of both VLC and quicktime alternative but that's about it....
Embers, is where you can download VLC. It's a very simple media player that will play just about any type of media there is.It's very kool.

Mishka that is weird. It played fine for me in VLC, not a problem at all. Maybe restart your PC? Sometimes that just fixes everything for me.
I think Greater Union needs to be told how incredibly stupid it is to put up a press conference like this which gives away MASSIVE SPOILERS about the film. Especially as the question containing the spoilers comes out of nowhere - and there's nothing on the website to suggest that the video will involve a detailed discussion of the film's plot. Most press conferences are pretty shallow by comparison.

I submitted something to the website to suggest they have erred in judgement and I hope they at least put a spoiler warning on the site.

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