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"It's about power and it's about women and you just hate those two words in the same sentence, don't you?"
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September 24 2005

Buffy Buffcast Season 2. GeekIntertainment's second Buffcast is up and ready for download. the second Buffcast will about season 2. The best season of Buffy ever, at least in my opinion.

Please write a full stop after your headline.
You mean I need a period. Hmm. Never had to do that before.
No because we've been doing it for you and others all the time. We're tired of that. If your headline is a complete sentence, then it needs a full stop (or period, or whatever you call it in your area). If the sentence runs into your description, then it doesn't. Just look at your post when you've made it and use punctuation in all the right places, please.
These guys are characters.

Thanks for providing this.

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