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September 24 2005

(SPOILER) Zoic Studio's Loni Peristere on 'Serenity'. An excellent, indepth, behind the scenes interview about the visual effects in Serenity. Highly recommended reading but it does contain major spoilers.

Cheers to Ian for the heads up.

Reading about the mule/reaver chase I am amazed. They did that in four days? And he's right when he says the best CGI is what you don't notice, I assumed the Reaver ship was the only CGI but half the landscape was as well? These guys are good. I hope they get pleanty of recognition for this.
Zoic are very good, their VFX for Firefly was revolutionary.
Having attended the Joss Whedon University grad school, ...

Joss has a school now? I want to go to it. There is the slight matter of an utter lack of anything even vaguely resembling creativity, original thought or flair but I am really good at .... um .... anf then there's errr ....

Ah, crap, another fantasy bites the dust!

Back to article - always interesting to learn a little more about the behind-the-scenes team and their part in bringing Joss' script to life.
Also, wasnt this the 1000th Firefly Serenity Link on Whedonesque? Congratulations everyone!
I do hope they have some behind the scenes footage for the DVD, I'd love to see how they shot the hovercraft footage with the rig he talks about.
I remember being amazed by this sequence during the pre-screening, and one of the reviewers saying there was something different about it... that the characters in this scene were actually INTERACTING with the terrain, wind in their hair, dodging trees, trying to balance themselves on the ship while still having their dialogue. It totally fits in with the real-world philosophy of the show. After the Star Wars trilogy, which sort of showed both how amazing CGI could be but also how it could crowd out the human aspects of the story, it's refreshing to see things swing back a bit towards real characters and emotion. It's exciting to see that Joss could be pioneering something for movies in general.

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