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September 24 2005

Celebrity Close-up at the Serenity premiere. They have video (6 min long) and photos from the premiere. There's also cast and fan interviews and pics from the premiere at IESB (some of the interviews may be spoilery).

Are there any other sites with coverage? This one keeps making my computer lock up!
Got it to work on my iBook. Shiny!
I've had no luck downloading these videos or the ones on iesb! It's torture knowing there's so much coverage and that I can't see it. Can anyone tell me what's on the video? Pretty please?
I didn't watch the video yet, but the pictures are lovely.
Nathan's a hoot. Love Joss. Alan and Sean are gorgeous in their suits.
Shiny video. And I now can say that knowing the origin of the word Shiny.
Are there any other sites with coverage? This one keeps making my computer lock up!

Yes there is :). I've added the IESB coverage to the subject line.
Gracious responses all around.

I so hope everyone loves this movie, not just "us."

The video shows the boy and I walking down the Red Carpet behind Ron.
Joss looked so happy. He deserves all the success in the world. I have been a fan of his for a long time now, and there is only more good stuff from him to come in the future. Actors will soon be lining up to work with him. Glory be to Joss.
Yeah, it's great to see Joss, Nathan, Adam, Morena, Sean, Summer, Ron and Alan enjoying their moment of glory. Where are Gina and Jewel, though?

It's also great to see Amy and Alyson representin' the Angel and Buffy team. And to see Christina Hendricks there.

I also love Alan's comment on the fans- "They're enthusiastic without being creepy."

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