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September 24 2005

(SPOILER) Gimongous interview with Joss Whedon about Serenity! If you only read one interview about the movie, let it be this one. It's a 9,500 word director's cut of an article in this Sunday's Oregonian. This is fantastic.

*makes mental note* MUST buy tomorrow's Oregonian & let them know how much I appreciate the Jossiness.
Wow, that was a LONG read but amazing insights. Thanks!
Thank you Simon. That was a very nice read.
Ummm, just how spoilery is it?
If you want to go in Friday completely spoiler free, bookmark it and read it afterward. It doesn't get too deep in them, but it does touch a few briefly.
I would say it's pretty spoilery. It has direct references to medium spoilers, and indirect references to big spoilers. And you'll appreciate the whole interview more after seeing the movie. Surely you can wait another week... =)
Why do they keep writing spoiler articles? The .03% of people who have seen Serenity can read and glee but the rest of us are going to have to go back 12 months in the archives and read 4,000 articles once we've seen the movie. Also, why are they posting those in magazines? I doubt writers will say "Don't read my article if you haven't seen Serenity". Or maybe they do. I don't know, I'm not clicking the link. Thanks Whedonesque for putting spoiler warnings by the way. Slayerverse doesn't.
Joss - "It's important to them and they wear it -- and that makes me proud. And I don't give a good goddamn who's makin' money off it."

You gotta love him! :)
charisma: it's not really a heavy spoiler article. Spoilers are subjective, people have different levels they are willing to be exposed to, and the reality is most journists simply don't care.
Clarification, please: some journalists do not care. And, sadly, some movie reviews don't care. But I have been extremely impressed at how much of the plot has not been blabbed everywhere.

And if the journalist can't touch on the deeper parts of the movie, he/she has very little to talk about besides whatever's in the press release. Better to walk the line carefully and tantalize without revealing.

Also, and I'll admit to doing this myself, sometimes it's because the journalist in question is also a fan and just wants to know this stuff.
Chris, yes, apologies, badly worded by me there. Given the amount of journos I've dealt with - none of which have given the movie a bad review or spoiled it - I shouldn't slag you guys off.
Good god, that was amazing. And perfect for intertextuality notes on my Independant study :D
Who rocks the house! Joss(and cast) rocks the house, they rock it up and down and baby all the way around! WOO!

Sorry..Those were my cheerleading days.. *shudder*
Y'know, I don't just say this because I know M.E. Russell, but: How many times does a fan get to interview Joss? And make no mistake, Russell is a fan. Do you waste your chance to speak to Joss about this movie by not going into things? No.

Also remember: We don't know yet just what The Oregonian itself is publishing -- it is NOT this entire interview. So the print version may end up not being spoilery at all, we'll have to wait and see.
That may be the best interview with Joss I've seen. It's a shame this wasn't filmed so they could put it as a DVD extra.
Fantastic. All the stuff about films needing to be *about* something more than references to other movies was great -- not terribly original, maybe, but still great to hear.
Nice to know he loves Nickel Creek. And Peter Weir. Both two of my favorites... :-)
Here, btw, is the published interview,, if anyone's curious as to what made it in....
I have to agree iwth everyone here, I absolutely adored that article and have refered it to all of my friends.

I really like when someone "geekworthy" interviews Joss because it is almost as if that gives Joss free licence to like geek out and ramble himself. Reading this article, in parts made me just think I was a geek. How very much I have to learn...

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