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September 24 2005

Angel is no longer at 5 pm on TNT weekdays. Starting this monday Angel will be relegated to the mornings and Charmed is taking Angel's spot at 5.

This is a sad sad day :(
Quality drama wins the day again.
Which time is better? Looking at the above comments, it seems to depend on the person...
I wondered if Angel would get the axe when I saw that Alias was coming on at six; it's bad enough that they're taking off Angel (remember "Primetime in the daytime") but TWO hours of Charmed. Ugh. Were the ratings bad or something? I can't imagine why. Even though I have all the DVDs I still usually watch it at 5:00pm. Guess I'll get to do something else with that hour.
Charmed! For the life of me, what's the attraction for his show? I really want to know. What a waste of air (time).
What is up with this week??!!
The logal WB station (WBVA) here in Central Virginia used to show Angel and Buffy reruns on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. As someone who discovered Angel/Byffyverse halfvay through Angel Season 5 these reruns have been awsome for me!!

A conspirasy or.....
Yeah, the weekend reruns of Angel and Buffy are over here too.
I always make a point of changing the channel as soon as Angel ends so I won't have to watch Charmed. Why are they doing that to Angel?
Depends on the rerun rights TNT negotiated with 20th Century Fox. There might be something in one of the clauses of the contract about when the schedule would change. Or more likely it's cause Angel's dead buried and Charmed unfortunately isn't.
Ratings are probably the main culprit. I would imagine that Angel's ratings aren't what Charmed's are for one major reason: the entire series of the former is available on DVD, while only the first two seasons of the latter are. TNT is the only place for Charmed fans to get much of their fix, while we can see Angel whenever we want, theoretically.
Well personally I have written to TNT:
because I am still watching 'Angel' everyday and I will miss it (and I do not watch 'Charmed').
Look at the "upcoming airings"--what's the deal with October 5 showing AtS at 4 and 5 a.m.????
It's been moved to the early hours, I believe
TNT still airs the second airing of new Charmed episodes. That could be an issue. Also Alias has a female lead and so does Charmed. They may be planning a girl power thing. I watch all three and early viewings of Angel is better for me because I watch X-files as well, which runs on Scifi at 5:00 (right now the non DD episodes are airing so no conflict but hopefully soon they get to earlier seasons :o) )

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Or more likely it's cause Angel's dead buried and Charmed unfortunately isn't.

Charmed has long been dead. The WB just keeps propping up its rotting carcass and parading it around on strings.

Also, FX has dropped Buffy down to once in the early afternoon (1 p.m.) three days per week. They still have the morning airings, but they are obviously phasing it out. :-(
If FX and TNT's contract runs out and they don't renew it. Will another cable network buy the rights? It'd be cool if Buffy and Angel were on the same network in a 2 hour block.
I have no idea why people find it so difficult to identify why so many watch Charmed - breasts. What? What?
I wondered what was wrong on Friday!!

Curse you TNT and you sudden but enevitable betrayal!! *blows rasberry at TNT*
Squeeee! I didn't know there were other central Virginians Whedonesquers. Sorry that was completely OT.
As time goes on, Buffy and Angel are fading away from television. But once the Buffyverse is resurrected with a Spike movie/series, interest in Buffy and Angel will rise and I'm sure these shows will reappear.
Buffy was cut down last year also to once a day for awhile, however it only took a couple of months before FX put it back on in 2 hour blocks. I do not understand the fascination with Charmed either, but for sone strange reason new eps have always done better than Angel as well.
God, I hate Charmed.

Really I do.
Actually Charmed's ratings went down really bad last year. It got to a point where the Angel Season 5 ratings were better than Charmed's current. It was a surprise when Charmed was renewed for Season 8.(at least to me)
embers, I, too, logged onto TNT and sent them an e-mail with my thoughts on both Angel and Charmed. Oddly, they were the same as most of those above! I'm in central time zone and try to plan most of my days so that I can sit down with a cup of coffee and Angel in the afternoons at 4 pm. I would suggest more of us e-mailing TNT with our polite feelings might be helpful, or not. Anyway, I am majorly bummed! (Yes, I have all the DVD's, but I watched it on TV anyway.)

I had noticed the decrease in Buffy, also. I'll track down FX tomorrow and send them an e-mail. What I wouldn't give to have a Neilsen ratings box!
My local WB affiliate (WTWB) has apparently also yanked our late-night Buffy and Angel reruns. (Saturdays, BtVS has been replaced as of tonight with Alias, and AtS's slot is now occupied by the recent and wretched Outer Limits.) I used to leave the TV on and take breaks from surfing to watch, but it appears there'll be nothing to compete with my weekend computer sessions anymore...

More time for W'esque, I guess!
Or more likely it's cause Angel's dead buried and Charmed unfortunately isn't.

Here is my Simon! ;)

Reading the title of the news, I was really expecting you to show up here... :P
I see very little of Joss's shows on TV in the UK now, which is sad, even though I have every season on DVD. I don't have Sky, so Firefly has never been shown on the basic 5 channels, Buffy hasn't been on since season seven was repeated for the first time, and after season four Angel hasn't been on at all. I think C5 then bought Buffy and started showing season 1 (liberally edited) on a Sunday afternoon, but have yet to show season two.

On Sky, I'm fairly certain they've shown all of Buffy and Angel on Sky One, but I'm not suite sure whether they show repeats, I have seen Buffy on at lunchtimes before but I'm not sure if they are still taking place. I believe Firefly is being shown on the Sci-Fi channel.

But it's still quite a limited amount of Joss goodness. Reruns are one of the best ways to pick up new fans, because someone might catch an episode and be hooked, and possibly investigate Joss's other shows and buy the DVDs, whereas someone might be reluctant to buy a boxset having never seen any of the shows before.

Personally I would love it if the BBC still had rights to Buffy and decided to show repeats on Thursday evenings. Even though I have all of the DVDs, I would tune in to watch them anyway. Now Channel 5 has the rights to both Buffy and Angel but hasn't shown either of them for a while, but if they did put them on in a suitable timeslot (i.e. not past midnight for Angel, or much too early in the evening for Buffy) I would watch them.
I did not know there were others too.....but I am really Swedish but lives outside Lynchburg since 02....for now...

As for peoples fascination with Charmed...well, I have no idea. I have to admit I used to watch Charmed with my wife during the first two seasons or so......why the show is till alive is a mystery.
Magic mayhaps??
Charmed season 8 permieres 2night yeah!!! Whooo!!! Kidding! haha...Im not in the least bit excited about it, Im still gonna watch becase Im loyal 2 all my shows in good times and bad(Buffy season 6, Angel seasons 3-4, Friends season 7-10, Tru Calling the entire series, and the list can go on). Charmed has gone down a little, season 7 however did, in my opinion, get better...but its kind of like 2 little 2 late, i really hope this is its final season, had Joss dragged on Buffy like this I would have staked her myself.And although I have all of the Buffy/Angel seasons (except for 3 of Angel...bleh!) I still like 2 channel surf and hit some reruns...folding up that boxed set can be a pain lol. Angel is far better than Alias and Charmed...but what do we know? Im going to start my own network, who's with me? haha.
It is sad that Joss's shows are getting less play. I got hooked in reruns. I had always respected the show, but as I have said before, BTVS came on just about the time my son was born and I have not had the abililty to watch prime time tv consistently...or ever, since then. I ony got the full picture of what had been going on because it was on at 7:00 am when I was making breakfast and packing lunch. The more it is on, the more new fans.

BTW, Unlike most other folks I don't hate Charmed. It is mindless and silly and I certainly don't go out of my way to watch it, but I don't hate it. Maybe having to sit through shows like Yugio with my son has made me more tolerant. (Actually, maybe not, since he doesn't want me in the same room anymore when he is watching. I think I unconsciously sigh in disgust too often.) ;-)

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Charmed! For the life of me, what's the attraction for his show? I really want to know. What a waste of air (time).

Madhatter - one word. Boobs.
Madhatter - one word. Boobs.

What I don't understand is that it seems most of Charmed's audience is female (Judging by the commercials and the type of show it is), so why is there so much emphasis on showing females naked?
What I don't understand is that it seems most of Charmed's audience is female (Judging by the commercials and the type of show it is), so why is there so much emphasis on showing females naked?

Because the people who write Charmed, vampiredan?

Not any kind of intelligent.
Space in Canada also stopped airing Angel at 10 pm weekdays. I think now it's playing at 1 am or something...don't understand why channels make these choices, when Angel and BTVS have much more loyal fanbases. Bad choice, TNT, but I'm more surprised at Space, which is usually pretty pro-Whedon (with Firefly airings and the Joss-a-thon, etc.).
Another TNT seems that in their morning line-up, they have MOVED AtS to 7 am, in the old Pretender slot, and now have NYPD Blue running two eps at 8 & 9. I'm glad they kept AtS, but I thought Pretender was holding up VERY well as time went on....(ok, I admit it, Miss Parker MAKES ME HOT!!)


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If that is supposed to be am rather than pm, then that puts it against BTVS on FX...unless BTVS is being changed too.

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