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September 24 2005

Full Sized Tru Calling Season 2 R1 DVD Artwork - Eliza looks airbrushed.

Way too airbrushed, but pretty none-the-less.
That's a horrible cover, Eliza Dushku has lost all of her facial attributes lol.
Okay, I'm confused. Why have I seen Tru Calling Season 2 DVDs in Best Buy now for like a month?
Best Buy is probably the only store you'll be able to find it at. I've searched at a lot of places here in Toronto, but still can't seem to find it. And I only want season 2! :(
Tru Calling was released exclusively to Best Buy stores throughout September. At the end of the month, though, the exclusivity agreement ends, and other stores can start selling the DVDs.
Thank you. And how utterly odd.
I thought to myself "There's always alot of airbrushing" as I clicked the link but this is bordering on the grotesque. They've managed to erase every hint of character from her face. If I was her I wouldn't be too pleased.
I bought the season 2 set a while ago at Best Buy- and yes it IS overly airbrushed. Whoever edited those pictures needs help.
Eliza is *gorgeous* and does not need all that air brushing, ugh. I wonder who approved that?
"Eliza looks airbrushed." ... and slightly retarded.
Airbrushing Eliza's picture is like painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa. Don't get me started on this ethnic b.s. I'm German/Irish and I think it rocks that people have very different looks. It looks like they tried to make her more blandly "white".

haha, she does look slightly retarded.
As a Swede of Finnish, Belgian & Sami roots, I think everyone should look like me :-)

What is up with the airbrush and "avaliable only at Best Buy"?? This AND the Spike: Love is Hell DVD (also only avaliable at Best Buy).

As a Mental Retardation Social Worker....well, none of my clients look like that though...
Maybe they heard that exposed was sexy and confused it with overexposed, cause that is what these always look like.
She's so beautiful, why airbrush???

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