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September 24 2005

Seth Green at Habitat for Humanity. Pictures of Seth Green pushing wheelbarrows and handling shovels. WireImage account needed for full-size pics.

Loved seeing these shots, Polter-Cow. Thanks for posting them. I know some people get all cynical about Hollywood-types and their photo-ops at charitable events, but Habitat is a great organization and it's hard, hard work. (Trust me -- i didn't know from sore before I signed up.) It's way easier for celebs to keep their distance and just write a fat check (still, a move we should welcome, rather than poke all sorts of nasty holes in), but I'm sure many actors are like regular folk -- just looking for an organized way to help.

Not a surprise to see Brad Whitford there... he and his wife Jane Kaczmarek are the real deal and put their money and their sweat where their mouths are, when it comes to politics and social justice. Very cool to see Seth Green there too... don't know his politics or views, but he seems to have soul, and I imagine he put in a hard days work, rather than just mugging for the WB cameras. Good on him.

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Didn't notice Brad and Jane there the first time, thanks for pointing them out :) Great to see this, and particularly not surprised to see those two - right on!
LOVE Seth Green! He is definitely one of the jewels of the Hollywood clan. He looked very busy in the pictures. Yes, good on him indeed. Good to see Jane and Brad there as well.

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