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September 25 2005

(SPOILER) New Serenity Review. From someone who loves Buffy but never saw Firefly.

He seems to like Serenity quite a bit, giving it a B+ and especially admiring the humor.

It's mindboggling to me that someone could be a big "Buffy" fan and go to Joss Whedon's first movie expecting something ordinary, but a good review is a good review.
I found it encouraging that the reviewer isn't normally a fan of sci-fi. I'm hoping this movie finds a broader audience, and reviews like this can't hurt.

Rotten Tomatoes review grade is up to a 67, unfortunately the user rating is down to a 88.

I hope they have a trailer this week filled with nothing but review quotes of the film.

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There's still only six reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Where are they, dammit? This week's the week.
Funny, we were in line yesterday(at the FanFest) behind a guy who loved Angel and Buffy but had only seen one episode of Firefly and was curious about Serenity. After hubby and I kind of 'rescued' him from some pretty rude Browncoats, he explained that he figured this movie had to be good since it was Joss, and he wanted to learn more about it. It was really nice to see somewhat 'blind' faith in Joss' ability, and he seemed to really enjoy the clips they showed during the Q&A. I just hope his run in with rather elitist fans didn't leave him a bad association with Serenity.
Most reviewers aren't allowed to put out their reviews until the Thursday on the week of opening day (with some companies requiring that they be run on opening day or later)
Nice review, but Jessica Alba as Wonder Woman?

For the love of God...HELL NO.
this person for one, writes a crappy review. Sounds like a high school for jessica alba, that girl has nothing going for her. In Fantastic Four, possibly the worst thing ever, she was stale, dull, boring, just crap.

As for the long speeches. I like them, only if they're done well. I really enjoy Simon's speech in Serenity (on Firefly) when he tells the crew of his history of gettin river out of the academy and stuff. And in Serenity the movie I loved teh Operative's speeches and only wished he could talk more....very fine casting.
I agree. I find it hard to trust a reviewer who has anything positive to say about Jessica Alba's acting ability. She's perhaps the worst choice for Wonder Woman I can think of.
Yeah, I just think a lot of Hollywood actresses around at the moment are just pretty window dressing, but are completely vacant beyond that. Jessica Alba is one of them.

Someone like Sarah Michelle Gellar has the looks but she also has incredible talent and experience to back it up, so it really annoys me that someone like Alba gets bit roles in Sin City or Fantastic Four, although to be honest FF at least wasn't well received, so perhaps it's better that Sarah sticks to less mainstream, but generally better roles.

When you think about it, it's not only us Browncoats who are behind Serenity. I realise there is a large overlap of the fans of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly, but there are some people out there who enjoyed Buffy or Angel and never got to see Firefly, but they may go to see Serenity to see what it's like and also to support Joss.

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