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September 26 2005

Dream Takes flight. "Even more improbable than the story of a set of scrappy post-war survivors navigating a fantasy frontier world 500 years in the future is the one of the passionate band of real-world fans who saved them from oblivion. "

A very well balanced article with a couple of nice quotes and a bit of emphasis that this is not a movie written just for the fans. This is the kind of publicity we need right now, I'm thinking.

Nice article - as you say, this kind of publicity is always good!
In almost every article I've read, the author just can't seem to resist taking a few side-swipes at the fans. No matter that we had a role to play in Firefly's resurrection, but we're still all a bunch of weirdos that people want to avoid. I am really sick of all this denigration and abuse.
I'm waiting for the T-shirts with "Joss is my nerd lama" and "you can't stop the brain."

I had not heard that the Firefly cast did the Shakespeare readings at Joss's house, only the Buffy cast. Did the writer get wires crossed? Or did I miss this fact somewhere?
I remember reading that the Sharespeare readings, gathered everyone for all the three shows crews, both cast and writers.
I am starting to be so tempted to get "nerd llama" on a t-shirt now. Maybe I can get one in time for this weekend. ;0)
I'd love to see Joss directing 'his' actors in a Shakespear movie. Branagh's Much Ado was great in making the bards work more popular by casting young, mainstream, actors. A movie, directed by Joss, with minimalist sets and all our BDH (from all three series) could be made very cheaply and sold direct to DVD mail order to all us fans.

Where can I pre-order?
Well, I think I read somewhere that Morena's ambition is to play Juliet before she gets too old, and that Alexis Denisof makes an amazing Marc Antony.... not to mention that Marsters has been dying to make Macbeth. I'd watch 'em all. (Isn't that how Joss had the idea to kill off Fred and remake her into Illyria? She was an amazing Cleopatra or something.)

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