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September 26 2005

Great News For German fans! MangasZene Online are giving away 100 seats (on a first come first basis) for fans to attend a screening of Serenity on October 7th in Hamburg. Nathan, Summer and Joss will be in attendance.

Peter who gave me the heads up about this says

"All you have to do is to send us their name, birthdate and address (just for verification reasons – there will only be a guest-list, no tickets) in an Email titled “Serenity” to, and they will have a pretty good chance to attend. We will post the list of winners early next week."

wow, can't believe this, they actually come to Hamburg so I can stop trying to get time off from work and fly somewhere to be able to catch the movie and some crew for Q&A. Not that I wasn't totally willing to do that.
And Joss will be there as well.
wow, again, sorry am just so excited for this opportunity.
I fear Peter of the Mangaszene has made a mistake talking to you about it ;) since I told all my Browncoat friends, and we're mailing like madmen. ;) My brother lives in Hamburg, this is just to good an opportunity to pass up. UIP has given our board 20 invites (YEAH!) to reward us for our fandom, so we were set to go anyway. and now we get to take our friends as well! Oh I'm so excited!

oh and beans, if you're german or live near germany does that mean you're also on the german board? what's your name there? (since we don't have a "beans" there)

[ edited by Harpy on 2005-09-26 21:34 ]
I wish I could go ... :-(
Well I hope everyone who goes has a lot of fun :).
Hey harpy. *g* Got also a ticket for my mom. Cant wait to see Joss again ;)
Hah, me and my sister are on the list! Yeah!!!

And Harpy, no I'm not on the German board. Guess
I didn't even know there was a German board? Should I
admit that? Mmh.

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