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September 26 2005

Serenity tickets now onsale at Check your area to find a theatre that's playing Serenity in order to get your tickets before this Friday.

Serenity tickets have been on sale on since at least yesterday. But my bf just swung by the theater and bought our 19 tickets from the box office to avoid the $1.25/ticket surcharge.

Now here's a question I was hoping to ask the Whedonites around here... just how early do you think I need to get to a 10:25 showing on Friday in order to make sure we have a decent spot in line? My friends aren't going to be too keen on waiting too long in line, and I've got work, but I want decent seats! Any advice? I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area...
Tickets are also on sale at In Northern California, a few theaters are already listed: The Sony Metreon in San Francisco (they even have a midnight premiere on Thursday!), and four Century theaters in South San Francisco, Richmond, San Leandro and Sacramento.

Edited: Oops, teenes, you were too fast! ;-) I would say get there at least 1h and a half in advance and see if people started lining up. You can always stand in line and have your friends join you at 10p. Personally, I'm getting to the midnight show...4h in advance (but that's just to party with the Browncoats!) ;-)

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I've been slightly panicked all weekend because I haven't seen any SF East Bay theaters showing the movie at the fandango, moviefone, or movietickets websites. Landmark theaters have advertised that they plan to show it, but... still no movie times (I called, too). At what point should I really panic?
The theaters around me say they won't know showtimes until Wednesday. I've called (nicely) but they're simply not ready. Which is making my Connecticut plans difficult to make, to say the least.
I have the same problem in my area. There are no available showtimes. I'm not even sure what theatres it will appear in here.
I'm not impatient to buy tixs -- theaters are usually good for advance tickets the Tues or Wed before opening -- but my friend has been bugging me to find out the minute they start selling. I've tried to tell him they won't sell out, but he won't believe me. (I think he's been traumatized by the advance screenings.) I also live in S.F., and would wait in line about an hour in advance. The 10:25 showing is late, so there won't be too much a crowd, but on opening day, you can never be too sure. An hour is good b/c they generally let you seat about half and hour before the movie starts, so you can go in, save seats, go to the bathroom, get popcorn, etc. With that many people, only about 5-7 people should be enough to wait in line and then save seats.
No showtimes for me yet, either. I just keep hoping that they'll show up. There's gotta be one theater showing it, there's three in Champaign.
Yeah, I had a slight anurism when it said it wasn't being shown in my town. Hopefully, it will be up by Wed.
If I can get tickets, I'll probably end up seeing it a few times this weekend. My oldest son and his friends want to go with me, but they can't go until Friday evening. Three of my other kids and I want to see it early in the day. My father wants to bring us and his cousin to see the movie together. So I'll either have to get tickets for a party of 12 or see it with three different groups. Four, if my oldest daughter and her fiance decide to see it with us. (He's one I think will be a new convert. He's never seen Firefly, but he loves sci-fi movies.)

I'll just have to haunt the movie box offices over the next couple of days.
Oh crap. My city isn't showing up either. I'll be calling the local theater as soon as they open tomorrow. Since others here are having the same problem, I'm not too worried, but if, heaven forbid, Serenity isn't playing here, I'll cry.

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I know the rest of the above thread is US-related but here's some news from my local theatre in Western Australia. Was driving past and thought I would drop in and buy my ticket. When I asked the woman at the ticket counter how the sales were going, she replied "Well, you're the first - we haven't sold any other tickets!" I know its about 2 days early but not one other person? In the whole f$%king city?

Oh crap!!
My God, there is exactly one theater in Akron, Ohio playing Serenity, and with only four showtimes the entire day.

It's not that times haven't been posted yet...I have asked several theaters, and they are simply not planning on carrying Serenity. At all. Ever.

Gorram it, I never factored in lack of theaters as a reason the movie might fail...

EDIT: Also only two theaters in my entire zip code...

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