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September 26 2005

Goners is "a kinda of dark horror film". Joss describes his new movie project from Universal live on radio. He says it is about "the ugly side to humanity.. a part of modern world most people don't get to see normally".

Joss, correct me if I've misquoted you here (Goner!).

The archive should be online soon where you can hear it in all it's glory. Be warned, the presenter starts talking spoilers about Serenity at some point (tres annoying!).

I've also had an interesting email about
It was a interesting interview not the standard stuff we usually hear. I asked the question about Joss returning to TV in a limited capacity. I also won a tshirt-WOO and HOO!

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Oh yeah, is up! Is it official? Very cool!
Typhon24, just visited, it looked fan made. But hey generally fan made things tend to be better than official.
It's gossi's site :)
Thanks for the heads up Numfar. That's very cool! Way to go, gossi - I'm already a board member :)
and it's cool!
Uh... I can't find the interview...
Me tee, AnotherFireflyFlan... must not be totally awake (and I give a lesson in 15' minutes!).
Not sure if interview is archived online yet...

From what I can gather it's a simplier premise movie than, say, Serenity (mind you, what isn't?). There's some people excited about this project...
I'd prefer it things were linked to when there's actually something to link to. That's kind of the premise of this site.
I can't find that interview either...
Here is a direct link to the mp3 file.
Don't forget there are major spoilers in the interview.

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