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July 15 2002

(SPOILER) Hallelujah? The only way to fight spoilers... is giving them out yourself, Joss must have thought.

Sci Fi Wire (is it just us, or is that server on some lonely dirt road off the beaten track of the Internet? Most of the time we can't get to it at all.) reports from a UPN party where Joss Whedon spilled tons of casting info. We're to expect the return of Glory. (Glory? Glory? Noooooooo!), Adam, Faith and a whole lot of other familiar faces "for a very particular reason that I will not explain to you. But it's going to be a lot of fun."

We know who want to see back on the show. Do you?

So... are the ghosts coming back to haunt the slayer? Is this about the Slayer's conscience as opposed to Spike's redemption?

Also, in casting rumours, the (unreliable) IMDB says Tim Curry will appear on the show this year as 'Uther, the First Vampire'. Does this mean they are finally going to tell us the story of 'The First Slayer'?

(SPOILER) I was at a party where I met a friend of the actor who played one of the former Big Baddies, who mentioned he'd be back on the show. When I asked how, I stumbled onto the major plot arc of this season. Wanna know what it is? Highlight this: A shape-shifting Big Bad. You heard it here first!
Fraying, you slay me. Wow.
Did someone say "You Slay Me"? *smirk*

CAUTION: Dangerous speculation ahead.

[A shape-shifting Big Bad.] is one way they could go. I'm reminded of the Christmas episode when something that called itself the first evil showed up to torture Angel's will and soul. It appeared as victims of his past, including Jenny Calendar. It was nice seeing that actress again, even if it was as someone posing as Jenny and not the character of Jenny herself.

However, there's another way they could go. Probably a bit too cerebral and complex for the more lighthearted direction Whedon seems to be wanting to go next season, but I'd like to see it. The signs are there, if you know where to look. At times in the past the series has dealt with other dimensions and alternate realities. There's the episode called "The Wish" where we saw a glimpse of a reality in which Buffy never made it to Sunnydale. There's an untold number of such alternate realities. Perhaps they always exist separate from Buffy's normal universe, and Anya just was able to access it by way of a wish. She surely never had the power to just concoct an entire alternate reality.

In Season Five when Glory went up against the Scoobies, we learned there's literally thousands of "hell dimensions" each one trying to find its way into Buffy's dimension. And although the conjunction has passed and Glory was unable to use Dawn to get back home, Dawn is still "The Key." She is still in reality a glowing green orb of energy, and only a powerful magic spell keeps her in human form.

The story is ultimately about Buffy. That shouldn't change. However, by putting Dawn into the remade Sunnydale High School, Whedon is going back to square one. As Buffy realized her potential in the first season of Buffy, so too can Dawn realize her full potential. It's how they can bring the series back to full circle. Dawn slowly realizes that although she's just a young girl, she could have the dangerous potential of accessing alternate realities and bringing bits and pieces of them into Buffy's world. So Buffy will find herself not only in the position that her mother was in at the start of the series, Buffy will also find herself in Giles' position, where Buffy will have to help Dawn understand her newfound powers and for all intents and purposes, become Dawn's Watcher.

In the meantime, Dawn will accidently introduce into Buffy's reality a Glory who never died, a Master who wasn't beaten, and perhaps even a dramatically different Faith. The mind boggles at the possibilities.
Zach, man, I really love that angle. The idea of Dawn having untapped powers to act as a gateway between dimensions, attending a school on the hellmouth, with the slayer as big sis ... there's a lot of material there.

It's not the way the season will go, of course, since the aforementioned spoiler was reported to me as truth not speculation. But, still, I hope part of this season will be about Dawn getting in touch with her key-ness.

(Heh. He said "key-ness.")
Hmm, yes, but there are many truths. ME (Mutant Enemy) do put out false spoilers and sometimes the actors don't get told what's really going to happen. For instance, James Marsters was not told Spike was going to Africa for a soul. He was told he was going to get the chip out - because Joss wanted a performance that would trick the audience into thinking exactly that.

Anything can happen. But I do like the idea of a [ shapeshifter ]. I also like the idea of Dawn moving to another dimension. ASAP.
I don't want to start yet another thread with Season 7 spoilers with the tiny bit I've just read, so I'm posting it here. 'Partyman' at the Cross and Stake just posted really vague tidbits about Giles and Willow (in England, I presume):

"Has anyone posted about Giles riding a horse yet? Willow's Flower Power?"

And there's a follow up which says: "Regards Willow's Flower Power, there was a kid who posted last Friday who said he had access to the cript of episode 2 and made some reference to Willow moving a flower from Paraguay."

This could all be complete nonsense, but ASH does own several horses and they were shooting at his 'estate' (more like a country house, if you ask me) near Bath.

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