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September 26 2005 debuts its "Serenity" page. Only one review there, as of this posting, but it's a page to keep your eyes on. Interestingly...

the first review Metacritic has listed is the review which considers a *splat* - whereas Metacritic has converted the review to a score of 70 out of 100 - which it considers "generally favorable". Much more accurate to the review, I think.

Futher explanation of Metascores

Until it posts 4 reviews, Metacritic doesn't bestow an overall ranking. You can also post your own thoughts and a score out of 10!

Stay tuned...

It's definitely strange that Rottentomatoes considers a review negative, wheras metacriitic thinks it quite positive. I know there were some trolls over at the IMDb boards who were proudly posting the Variety review and calling it definitely negative, with only a few positive items thrown in almost as a concession. They won't like this one bit, which gives me a happy.
Reviews in Variety have a particularly Hollywood business slant to them - as much of the review is about the kind of box office it will do and the kind of audience it will reach as it is about what the writer actually thinks of the film. So in a way it is hard to judge. But Rottentomatoes pulls the most negative thing in the article for its quote and Metacritic uses a definitively positive quote.
Metacritic contains three reviews now:

- The Onion AV Club (80/100)
- Variety (70/100)
- Village Voice (70/100)

Still waiting for a fourth review to cement the overall Metascore. Serenity has also scored a sidebar on the site's Upcoming Films page.

User Ratings are at 9.5 out of 10
4th review is a 75/100 from Entertainment Weekly! Metascore is now 72, which looks darn good (e.g. Batman Begins is 70).
Metacrtic posts its first "mixed review" (50/100) from The L.A. Weekly - dropping the overall score to 67, which still gives the film generally favourable reviews.

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