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September 27 2005

(SPOILER) So like if Buffy and River had a fight, who would win? Joss does his best to try and answer this question in this Serenity cast interview. Elsewhere at SciFi Wire, there's an article about the weapons training the cast had to go through. Meanwhile at, there's yet another Serenity cast interview.

Three articles all in one, enjoying reading them :).

I think I would go with Buffy because of the super strength and speed, and of course she can heal to fight again. River has all the incredible training and psychic ability (she would know Buffy's next move before she makes it) but once injured she'll be really hurt.
Oh, and thanks Simon, it is a great interview! Joss may not be nervous about this weekend, but I'm getting very concerned, and upset, and worried....
Are you all signed for another movie or two more?

Baccarin: Two more.

Torres: Two more.

Fillion: You are? This is awkward.

Ha! I love these guys!
It's not like Buffy's healing is instantaneous or anywhere near as fast as that of some characters with a comparable ability (say, Wolverine for example). So unless the fight was long and drawn out over time, I'd say River has the edge. Then again, if we're talking Buffy by the end of Season 7 and River from the movie, it still doesn't matter, 'cause time spent training/fighting probably isn't as important a factor for someone who's been preprogrammed with it and completely focused without distractions like school and such. We also don't know the full extent of what the Alliance did to her. Unless it's Buffy from Season 4's "Primevil" (but then that's cheating, 'cause it's Buffy + her friends + First Slayer), she's toast.

Heh, I can't believe I indulged in a "vs" thread.
Buffy does lead the way in the witty banter portion of the fight. Summer's useless in that department.
I can't believe no one's ever asked that question of Joss...

But I stick by Buffy -- River is incredibly wily and psychic and, well, flexible, but Buffy has pure strength plus all that other good stuff. People forget that Buffy is a very strategic fighter as well, with lots of cunning in addition to defying the laws of physics.
It'd be a close fight, definitely, but ultimately, it'd be Buffy who was left standing.

Though River would give B. a definite arse-whooping before Buffy beat her down.
Okay, let's get serious: Summer Vs Spike?
The actress? Wouldn't last two minutes against Spike.

Buffy versus River. Hmmmm River would probably pick a flower half way through.
Doh! At least Sean made the Summer/River mistake as well!

I suppose I can say since I met her I automatically call her by her real name. Though strangly she put my full name on the restraining order...
I think Buffy would win. It goes back to the whole Kendra thing - River's got the mad skillz, yo, but her fights lack imagination.

In other newsy news, an entertaining error was made in my local paper today. I was wondering how long it would take for a new Baldwin mistake to surface.
Buffy,definitly.Besides all mentioned in the posts above,as a slayer,Buffy's able to take hits that can easily break regular humans, and continue fighting.She can be hit by a car,electrocuted,fall from high building,stabbed in the guts and take many strong punches from really strong opponents and still continue her fight.It'll be really hard for River to do any real damage to her, while all Buffy needs is one really hard punch to make River unconscious.

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You can save me a ringside seat too. And let there be oil.

But I am a touch disappointed that Joss only gave "super-strength" as Buffy's advantage (well, disappointed only to the extent that JW was giving an off-the-cuff to a silly question . . . ). If the Buff had naught but strength, she would have been toasted in Season One. It's all about the complete slayer package, you know, "agility . . . wait, what came after agility?", plus sneakiness, lateral strategizing, and getting your friends to help out when needed.

Enjoyed the Sci-Fi Wire snippets about weapons. And laughed at Jewel's comment that she dressed "to be cute that day," 'cos, obviously, most days she was plain as pudding.
River! Just cause she's so Spooky! :)
Personally, after I'm going to say that River would win. Buffy sure would give her a hell of a fight though.
But if you factor in that River can possibly read minds, doesn't that give her the edge - won't she know what Buffy will try to do?
Well, except that Buffy herself doesn't always know what she's going to do next - her actions are often more intuitive than the result of thinking. So I'm thinking the mind-reading won't help too much in this particular contest. My final observation would be: if limited to only one bout, River would doubtless win (we've all seen Buffy get creamed the first go-round). But if more than one, B would figure out a way to tip the scales and prevail.

And how much more time can I spend thinking about/discussing this?

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