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September 27 2005

List of mainland UK cinemas showing Serenity in its first week. England, Scotland and Wales between them will have an impressive 277 cinemas showing Serenity. Ireland has 60 cinemas showing the movie (reg req).

Do we know how this compares to the number of cinemas for other films?
Just to mention: watched Film 2005 with Jonathan Ross yesterday and at the end where he gives a brief preview of next week’s programme he said that he was going to review the “excellent” Serenity next week. So far so good.

Also thanks for the cinema info, very helpful.
Is that alot simon? I don't know anything about theather numbers in other countries.
At the moment in the UK Pride And Prejudice is showing on 397 screens, which seems average for top releases. So a few short of a blockbuster release but not bad. I assume it will be better publicty wise to play at packed houses and have people turned away than risking half empty theatres.
Currently 336 UK screens, but more may be added next week (depending on US opening I suppose).

Jonathan Ross' review quotes (these will go on posters):

'This is a huge and pleasant surprise - hip, smart, funny, and exciting, topped off by outstanding special effects'

'My overriding thought ...was: why on earth couldn't the three most recent Star Wars films' have been a third as good as this?'

'Swashbuckling fun'

'Serenity is a guaranteed crowd pleaser'
Gossi, shouldn't that have been "My overwiding thwought was..."

Love Jonathan Ross. Why can't he get Joss or Nathan on his chat show in a week or so?
They're not in the country when they film that, unfortunately...

Nathan and Summer going on GMTV Wednesday 5th October mornnig

Nathan, Summer and Joss going on MTV TRL that evening live from the premiere.
Hooray, it's showing at the cinema that's not a 5 minute walk from my door, and I've no classes on the seventh, all day Serenitython!

Glad to see that it's going to get a great review on Film 2005 as those are the type of quotes that people will see, the stuff that will be on posters and eventually the DVD box (speaking of which, when are they aiming for that to be released?) Shame I can't watch next weeks Film 2005 just moved back to uni and I'm getting a better Channel 5 signal than BBC 1!

Hooray, got my ticket for my second (of many) viewings, October 6th, twice before general release, oooooh!! Now gotta try and get the rest of the people in the building to tag along.

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Haha! Our evil plan to see Serenity in Edinburgh may yet come true :)
So many juicy quote-lets. All the comparisons to Star Wars have got to catch people's attention. I know there have been posters up in the past, but can't we fans make a poster to put up this week, specifically to promote the movie? *I* would post them up if it will help the film. Has anyone else tried this?

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I'm not seeing Belfast on this list, but I checked out Moviehouse and they do have it on their "Coming Soon" list-

The same for Vue-

So we should have at least three or view cinemas within Belfast showing the film. Shiny!
Wonderful - all three main cinemas in my area. That's more than some other relatively high-profile films have managed this summer.

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