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September 27 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity Soundtrack Released. has the Serenity soundtrack listed as going on-sale today. Anyone seen it in any local stores? WARNING: Track listing contains major spoilers.

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Wow, track one is "Serenity Blows Up and Everyone Dies" ??
Quite impressive, so last track is "Secret Unveiled: River is made of Chocolate"
Hidden track: Ben is Glory?!!?
Ben is Glory?!!?

The Whedonverse equivalent of "Who's on first?".
Stop teasing.

Everybody knows that hidden track is a thinly-disguised promo song for "Wonder Woman" :-)
I got notice from Amazon that my copy was shipped yesterday.
I too preordered, so hopefully it will come soon.
Wait... You mean... River is Serenity?!
"I'm not on the ship. I'm in the ship. I am the ship. You're talking to Serenity. And Early... Serenity is very unhappy."
Am I to understand then that Serenity is made of chocolate? Or is it Wonder Woman that is made of chocolate? I'm confused.
"Who's on first?" indeed ;) I so need to watch Objects in Space again...

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Wait a minute. Glory is ben and what's on first???
My soundtrack cd arrived today, and I just finished listening to it. Can I at least say that I haven't heard anything *this good* in years?

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I agree. I'm listening to mine right now. :-D

David Newman knows how to film score, and River's and Serenity's themes I'ma smilin'. I love Greg's work on the series, I desperately want more tracks from his score, and I'm sure he would've done a great job had he been asked to do the movie, but I ain't got no qualms with David Newman.

The epic with the intimate with the Western. Muy bueno.
As far as I'm aware, noone says you can't post your review/opinion, wissxwe. But the rules for this site clearly state you shouldn't post links to your own site etc. - same idea goes for posting your own reviews as news items - with the addendum, that you can obviously do so in comments, if it's relevant to the discussion. =)

Besides, as far as I can tell, this thread is perfect for posting such reviews anyway.

On topic. I'd better get that CD soon ;)
No luck at Best Buy, Circuit City, Sam Goodys, Walmart, Target, or iTunes. This is why I buy so much stuff from Amazon.
Yes, I realized that after I signed off, so I came back to edit my comment accordingly. I was just so thrilled at how good the soundtrack was that I experienced premature commentation.

And I'm telling ya - this soundtrack has a *profound* effect on your emotions! What I blurted out before was something like 'Newman's score is an emotional powerhouse that pulls you into the story, even when you're not quite sure what that story is yet.'
Write an Amazon review :)
I just had to thank you for the "Ben is Glory" comment. I have been laughing for the past five minutes. I read the comment right after a huge blow-up at work (a tantrum thrown that was Dawn-worthy)...and seriously, I'm in SUCH a good mood now. As for the soundtrack, I was seriously hoping for a musical rendition of "I wear the cheese...the cheese does not wear me!"
Tracks 20-23? God. Teary-eyed here.
And for some reason it's entirely missing from the iTunes Store.
ctofine -- glad to brighten the day a bit. The cheese does not wear me!
Wait. Wait. Wait just a minute here...

So, your saying that Ben could have some connection to Glory?

/had to do it..

Seems like everything was released today, the Veronica Mars soundtrack, the "RENT" soundtrack, this one...geez, there goes all my money.
I'm probably not going to buy the soundtrack until I've seen the finished cut of Serenity. Happy listening folks! I bet its good.
So you're saying that David Newman is really Thomas Newman and Thomas Newman is really Randy Newman who is really his own uncle, Lionel Newman.

Oddly, I feel like a new man.
The 'Love' track on the score is, like, amazing.
Listening to it now...amazing. Can't wait to see the completed film tonight, after having seen the unfinished version three times.
Mines ordered! Its going to come with my Serenity Visual Companion and Novelization (as well as Six Feet Under Season Four, Bad Girls Series Six and 'How to be a Footballers Wife: The Official Guide to Footballers Wives')
*sigh* Love the music, but the back cover has all the ugly typos from the first release of the back which was later fixed on Varese Sarabande's site.
Couldn't find this anywhere. Guess it's an Amazon buy.

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