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September 27 2005

Tonight "Sci Fi Inside: Serenity". If you've been staying in the house all day watching the Firefly marathon, well who could blame you. Anyhow at 10/9C, there's a half hour Sci Fi special about Serenity narrated by Adam Baldwin.

Present and watching; they're showing clips of the movie once per hour as they have been on Friday nights. Except for the commercials it's like watching the DVDs. Only better because others get to see, too!
Thank Joss it's on after House!
I managed to be able to work at home today, and I forgot about the marathon until the middle of the first half of the pilot. But I've had it on since -- multitasking -- and I look forward to the special tonight. What great fun. Thanks, Sci-Fi.
I realize the stupidity of this question, since no one has seen the special yet (I'm assuming), but does anyone happen to know if this will be just trailer-level spoilery, or more than that?
obsessed, from the brief clips shown on the Sci-Fi commercials for the special, it looks as though there will be brief interviews with the cast made on set and clips of Joss signing autographs for fans. There will undoubtedly be bits of interviews with Joss, and I wouldn't be surprised if there was footage of some of the fans at the early screenings. The fact that it's being narrated by AB suggests that it will be the "comeback" story, and Joss's vision, with some of the usual "making of" insights into film. The commercials don't reveal anything of the movie that has not been seen in trailers.
I'll be watching Nip/Tuck, but hopefully they'll rerun this.
It's also showing at 1:00 AM, after "Red Planet". I think I'm so close to the finish line I'll just DVR it and not take any chances of spoiling. Yay, NCBDMP!
I have a friend who likes BSG that I've been trying to convert. He called his wife and told her to tape the rest of the marathon. He was upset I didn't tell him about it sooner. Unfortunately, I evacuated for the hurricane and I stumbled on it by accident an hour after it started (he didn't get the message until he got back from lunch). I graciously agreed to help fill in the gaps with my DVDs. I smells me a conversion!
Thanks palehorse. I appreciate the response. Looks like I'll be tuning in after all. :)
I like Nip/Tuck, too, but it's on several times during the week; I don't think I can tear myself away from the marathon/special on Sci-Fi. I have "Bones" recording on another tv/vcr, will watch tomorrow. Just think, this is the first time since its original run that "Firefly" is on during prime time. For this reason alone I can't tear myself away from it.
Well, the special just ended and it was quite good; although I thought Adam Baldwin looked like he was at an awards show reading off a teleprompter. Thank goodness his acting is better on film.
Yeah, not a bad special. I skipped most of the clip at the end though... scifi has really been showing far too many good scenes that I would much rather wait to see in context.

*counts the hours left*
As fun as the special was, I agree they showed waaaaaay too many bits from the movie. If you haven't seen the special or the movie yet, I recommend recording the special (it's showing a few more times) and watching it after you see the movie.

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