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September 27 2005

(SPOILER) Creating Worldwide Browncoat Buzz. First Review from Serenity's screenings at Rio Movie Festival 2005 written by a fellow Browncoat for a Brazilian entertainment website. It contains mild spoilers about the plot. Click here for babelfish translated version.

This very good friend of mine, already told me that's she's going to see it again today.
Me? I wished I could be there.

The translation is Hi-larious! :)
that is a funny translation by from babelfish, kinda distracting

...ones, those that I eat Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) if ...
Nice review!

I envy her so much!

Is she the same Sissy from "Gangue do Scooby" yahoo group?

[ edited by marina on 2005-09-28 04:07 ]
Yep, that's her. I'm actually one of the main owners of that groups, just hadn't really been around to run it, since Buffy ended.

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