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September 28 2005

GeeksOn podcast on Firefly and Serenity. Christina Hendricks, who plays Saffron, is a guest in this episode. Get this, one of the host of the show, Aaron, is actually Christina's brother.

They only start talking about Firefly about 30 minutes into the show, though.

I love the character of Saffron. An unconventional and charismatic adversary that you just cannot dislike. Her exchanges with Mal were some of the funniest on the show. "I'm really hot" she coolly stated at one point. I think most of you will agree that she really is.

My fantasy with Saffron if the series went on would be her falling on hard times (unlikely) and needing to seek out and make peace with the crew (very unlikely) then joining as a kind of female equivalent to Jayne. Someone with great skills to offer but needing to be kept on a short leash. The resultant crew dynamics would be golden.

I'd definitely seek a photo and an autograph off Christina Hendricks if ever I was at a "meet the actors" kind of gathering and she was there. She definitely deserves that kind of attention!

(I hope she pops up in a movie sequel if there is one)

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