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September 28 2005

Chris Buchanan speaks! Great behind the scenes interview with the former head of Mutant Enemy. And what's next for Chris after Serenity? Well he's not involved with the Buffyverse movie but "I've got a project with Zoic and Tim Minear that we're really excited about." (minor Serenity casting spoiler in article).

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooh. This came out of nowhere. Must inquire.

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No, Tim must not be a new job! He is reserved for the Spike/Illyria movie!

No... good on him, they are all great
No, Tim must not be a new job! He is reserved for the Spike/Illyria movie!

Several websites are quoting James Marsters as saying he is uneasy about the prospect of a Spike/Illyria movie. The following comments apparently come from an interview in SFX magazine.

"I would like him to be the lead. I heard from some people that they were thinking of doing a Spike/Illyria piece and I need to talk to them and say, 'I am really interested in doing the character as a lead, but I have done him as a sidekick.' If they write an Illyria piece with Spike tagged on, I probably won't do it... I love Amy Acker and would love to shoot with her, but there is nothing for me to prove by doing it with her."

I don't read SFX and I don't know how reliable this is (my initial reaction was to be a bit suspicious of its authenticity), but I thought it might be of interest to people here. I'm not aware that it has been mentioned previously.
Well I'd almost agree with his comments - I don't want him to be second-fiddle to Illyria. I'd like them to both be there, but not if Spike is going to be the sidekick yet again.

Plus I think "Spike" is a much more crowd-pleasing title than "Illyria".
I think that Tim's new project sounds like it's going to actually going tohappen in the short term whereas regarding the Buffyverse movie well it's still very doubtful. I'm guessing the project mentioned is the Heinlein book adaptation.

And you'd be better off discussing the Spike/Illyria/Clem/Parker movie in the TV Guide thread down below.
Sorry Simon...I moved my post....

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*ahem* Discuss Spike movie in TV Guide thread down below. More relevant for that thread than this one. Cheers.
Simon, would it help if I remove my post here and move it to the other thread? Sorry to have caused a problem. I know how busy you are at the moment keeping everything running smoothly.
If you want to repost what you said here in the other thread, that's fine with me :). No need to delete it.
This is a pretty good look into how Serenity came into being. I know as fans we take credit, and the DVD sales probably helped, but really it was an exec at Universal saying to Joss, we want to make a movie with you, and him saying, I need closure on Firefly. I admit, I get misty-eyed and heart-hurty when I think of how much Joss needed to get the story continued. Most TV shows get cancelled and disappear without a trace (look at Minear's track record, for instance) which is almost enough to qualify this movie's very existence, in my eyes at least, as a minor miracle. I love that kind of fire in any artist, and adore Joss and co. so much more because of it.
Very nice, dottikin. Well said.
I muchly agree with what dottikin said about the most critical thing that made Serenity possible. It was the first thing that jumped out at me when I read this interview.

Its been said many times that Mary Parent backed the project early but what I didn't know was that she was that high up in the studio chain of command and had actually pursued Joss for a time well before the movie were like disjointed bits of electicity traversing through his brain.

We've read so many times about the huge disconnect between entertainment executives and the TV watching, movie going audience (or should that be target market?). Its so refreshing to learn that there exists one that not only recognises and appreciates quality, but takes steps to bring it to the fore asking little or no compromises to be made along the way.

If dollars, cents, return on investment, brand value and high yield product was all that mattered to people like Mary Parent and the entertainment industry in general, society would be one big mindless and consuming automation with Firefly and Serenity just a fringe festival distraction.

Good to see some real passion and true creativity getting a break here.
Dashboardprophet, just wanted to let you know i have reposted your original comment in the thread that Simon suggested as i wanted to reply to it in regard to a couple of points. Hope that is okay with you! :)
It's just awesome that an executives in the studio system are recognizing what a unique talent Joss is -- like Joel Silver giving Joss so much time and leeway with WW, and then Universal picking up Joss' spec script last week. It's heartening to know the rest of the universe is agreeing with your own personal judgements.
Oh I want them to publish that original script, 'The Kitchen Sink'. I'll bet that that is the script that has all kinds of fun things about all the characters, and maybe a dinner scene. I want to have a nice long dinner scene with all nine characters talking and joking, and maybe throwing food.
Mary is producing Goners.

Fun Mary story: she's a high up studio exec, right? So, you'd presume she's not that well 'versed on the actual creative process of a film director, right? Well, during the early test screenings of Serenity there was some not-so-good feedback from test audiences -- and I mean actual non-fan test audiences. The feeling was the music was a real problem. This was before the score had been done, so they were using temp music, so Joss responded with the obvious 'Hey, it's temporary music'. Mary's response was interesting - she said Joss should have more faith with his writing and pull back on the music during these scenes - let the movie do the talking more. It worked.

Joss has said repeated recently people at Universal - by which he's often refering to execs - have not only financed and helped him produced Serenity - but provided solid film making knowledge to teach him things. That's good, in fact great, as far as I'm concerned. Whatever mud you may fling at Universal, you certainly can't say they were unsupportive of the project.
Thanks for the insight gossi! :)
I'd really like to get a look at "The Kitchen Sink" version of the Serenity script, but I doubt Joss'll let that get out any time soon.

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