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September 28 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity Cast Interviews from the Premiere. Video interviews with the crew (minus Gina) on Morena is asked about Wonder Woman. Callout and link to these appeared prominently today's daily eMail, which has massive list of subscribers.

(Having trouble playing the videos on my silly Mac, so I can't be sure if the videos are "clean." I marked them as spoilery just in case; hopefully, someone better equipped will advise.)

Direct links: (videos require RealPlayer)
Nathan, Sean, Ron
Summer, Jewel, Adam

There's a couple of questions like "Did your character get to do more action in the movie?" or "Is the love story between Wash and Zoe explored more?" that lead to mild spoilers, so people can judge based on that whether they wanna see these. Personally, I don't think the thread needs a spoiler tag.

[ edited by jam2 on 2005-09-28 20:44 ]
Video requires RealPlayer in Internet Explorer 6 for Win XP, apparently. I can't get it to work with any other configuration (Firefox on any platform, RealPlayer standalone or in Safari under OS X).
It worked for me with Netscape 7.2 on XP, once I used the direct links.

[ edited by jam2 on 2005-09-28 21:05 ]
Thanks, jam2, it works standalone in RP even under OS X, if I use the direct links. Awesome. I particularly liked Alan's interview.

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